Local pharmacies offer transcription of CDC vaccine cards into EU digital standard

Effective April 3, 2022, most existing COVID-19 regulations relating to access controls (2G, 3G, etc.) and mask mandates have been dropped in the state of Baden-Württemberg and across Germany.

As such, QR codes indicating vaccination and recovery status are no longer be necessary for most aspects of daily life, and sessions held at the Panzer Mall to provide QR codes are suspended indefinitely.

The search function for Apotheke locations offering QR code services (linked below) is still available for those who continue to need codes for foreign travel or other reasons.


Getting your CDC card transcribed to an EU standard QR code is simple and begins with finding a participating pharmacy. (Click for full size image)

The primary means of verifying COVID vaccination status in Germany is through the “EU Digital Covid Certificate,” which consists of QR codes obtainable at local pharmacies, either printed out or loaded into a mobile application.

The free ‘CovPass’ app is available in U.S. app stores and is published by the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s equivalent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Other available apps for verification of vaccination status include “Luca” and “Corona Warn,” the latter of which is also an official RKI-sponsored application.

Community members can quickly and easily digitize their CDC Vaccination Record cards into the EU standard by visiting a participating German pharmacy.

This information is provided for the convenience and situational awareness of community members. No federal endorsement is implied. Neither U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart, nor U.S. Army Health Clinic Stuttgart, is involved in the digital vaccination certificate process and cannot provide support for technical issues. Apps are for use on personal devices only.

German pharmacies will transcribe CDC COVID Vaccination Record cards into EU-standard QR codes at no charge.

The process begins with finding a nearby Apotheke (Germany pharmacy) which offers digital transcription of vaccination records; the German Pharmacists Association offers a search function at http://mein-apothekenmanager.de/ — enter the zip code (postleitzahl, or PLZ) and select “Digitales Impfzertifikat/Digital Vaccination Certificate” under “Serviceleistung/Service” to search and generate a list.

Bring your CDC vaccination card and official identification to the pharmacy (passport, if possible, but some may accept DoD ID or driver’s license), and they will provide a free paper certificate with a QR code for each dose of vaccine received. If, for some reason, the pharmacy is unable to provide the certificate with the provided documentation, try a different one. Although community members have generally reported few problems with this process throughout the region, pharmacies located closer to a military installation may be more familiar with U.S.-standard vaccination cards.

You can then scan these codes into the CovPass, Luca, or Corona Warn apps for greater convenience. CovPass and Luca are available on U.S. app stores. Be vigilant to avoid downloading similarly named apps.

For your convenience, these are the official listings for each app and store (no federal endorsement implied):

CovPass (Android)

CovPass (iOS)


Luca (Android)

Luca (iOS)


Corona Warn (Android) – requires German app store

Corona Warn (iOS) – requires German app store