HPCON change causes cancellations, protection adjustments


UPDATE, 4:40 p.m., March 12: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ naturalization ceremony scheduled for March 20 has been cancelled. The Retiree Town Hall scheduled to take place on March 24 has been cancelled. The housing town hall scheduled to take place March 26 will take place as a fully Facebook livestream event. Additionally, MWR Tours has cancelled all upcoming trips; customers will be contacted. MWR has also cancelled all upcoming sporting events, to include CYS.

Public Affairs
USAG Stuttgart

The Health Protection Condition, or HPCON, has been changed from Alpha to Bravo for the Stuttgart military community and will result in some visible social distancing measures in high-traffic service and community areas. Additionally, the  Spring Bazaar scheduled on Patch Barracks, March 13-15, has been cancelled.

Due to the need for a higher health protection condition, stricter adherence to personal hygiene, such as encouraging personnel to wash hands often, no hand shaking and the constant wiping of common-use items and areas will be implemented. If someone believes they have been exposed, self-isolating at home, if possible, will be highly recommended.

Social distancing will be implemented to the point of limiting or cancelling in-person meetings, gatherings and temporary duty assignments.

Some of the extra measures the garrison will implement include providing hand washing or sanitization supplies at key locations where a large number of community may go. However, supplies will be limited; members of the community should shoulder the bulk of the personal health needs.

Garrison commander Col. Jason Condrey will hold a live COVID-19 town hall today at 7 p.m. via Facebook today, March 12,  to update the community and answer questions.

The following is the latest post to the garrison’s COVID-19 website on the topic of ID cards at the ACP

Cardholders will maintain control of their individual Common Access Cards or other scannable means of identification at installation gates beginning Friday, March 13, when entering U.S. installation at the access control points. The guards will scan the cards; don’t hold the card too close to the gate guard’s face, as the handheld scanner uses a laser to read the card. Be prepared to go through this procedure for everyone in the vehicle entering the installation.