German High School Students visit Panzer High School

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9 students who are attending the bilingual history course at the Johannes Keppler Gymnasium Schule in Bad Cannstatt, and their teacher Ms. Ressler, visited the Panzer High School.

The students were given a tour of the school, and Mr. Sean Schulze, the United States Forces Liaison Officer for Baden-Wurttemberg  gave a presentation on “post-war Germany” and the speech of hope.

The students were accompanied by the school liaison Officer, Mr. Joe Holder and the Director of the G/A Center, (DAZ)  Ms. Christine Pyka.

At 11:45 the students were visited by 2 MPs who answered a lot of the questions that the students had in regards to living in Germany, life as a soldier in Germany and life of a soldier in general.

The purpose of this visits are to foster German American friendship.