Freedom 6 Sends: Army birthday celebrates Soldiers, civilians, families

Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell jr., U.S. Army Europe commander
Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell jr., U.S. Army Europe commander

Commentary by Lt. Gen. Donald Campbell
U.S. Army Europe commander

This month the United States Army celebrates 239 years of deep commitment, abiding patriotism and indomitable spirit.
On June 14, 1775, our nation’s leaders established the Continental Army, beginning a rich heritage of successfully defending our great country and its citizens. American Soldiers have fought in 10 wars, from the American Revolution through the Cold War, the Gulf War and the current operations taking place around the world. Today, we celebrate the continued honor, loyalty and bravery of our Soldiers in this noble calling.
I can think of no better backdrop to this year’s Army birthday than the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The commemorative events that took place the first week of June around the shores of Normandy provided the perfect testament of our service and sacrifice to our nation and linked all Soldiers — past, present and future — in the finest tradition of professional military service.
The long history of the service and sacrifice of our Soldiers is matched only by our civilians and families. I could not be more proud to serve with you in United States Army Europe. As our nation faces global uncertainty, continued fiscal challenges and tough decisions, I look out into the ranks and there you stand — unwavering, ready and resilient — in defense of our nation and all that it stands for: equality, opportunity and freedom.
I want to personally thank our families for remaining a source of strength and resilience; our civilians for their steadfast dedication to the mission; and our Soldiers and veterans for their determination to defend our nation in a time of persistent conflict.
As we look to the future, recognizing the challenges it may pose, we know America’s Army confronts each with the same unsurpassed courage, selflessness and dedication that has characterized our history for 239 years.
We truly are America’s Army: A steadfast team committed to our profession.
Happy Birthday!


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