EUCOM HQ honors top service members, civilians

Headquarters, U.S. European Command, recognized its top service members and civilian employees of 2010 in a ceremony held Feb. 10 on Patch Barracks
Rear Adm. Charles W. Martoglio, EUCOM chief of staff, praised the 15 service member nominees and 22 civilian nominees in front of their co-workers, friends and family inside a packed Patch Community Club. Martoglio praised the nominees for providing quality support to the Department of Defense during a critical period for the U.S.

“There is something about their service that does set them apart: leadership, motivation, expertise, collegiality and often that quiet confidence that … goes with knowing you are all doing an exceptionally difficult job very well,” Martoglio said.
All of the nominees received a certificate of appreciation signed by Martoglio and a coin from Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer Roy Maddocks, EUCOM’s senior enlisted leader.

Before the final winners were announced, Martoglio gave the nominees a final commendation: “You are the best of the best, and you have contributed so immeasurably to our U.S. European Command mission, and you have done so at a time when it has really counted.”

Service members were nominated for the EUCOM HQ award in one of three categories based on rank. The winners in each category received a Joint Service Commendation Medal and golden eagle trophy, along with a package of prizes from sponsors of the event, including the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.

The junior service member/petty officer category winner was Sgt. John MacMurray Jr., an imagery analyst for the EUCOM J2 Joint Analytical Center, based in Molesworth Air Force Base, England.

MacMurray said that his efforts at work are for the benefit of his fellow Soldiers.
“I’m the type of person that leads by example. My primary concern is always for the Soldiers — that they know what right looks like and strive for the same,” he said.
He also acknowledged the support he received at home and at work that made attaining this award possible. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the guys working for me, my friends and my family,” he said.

The mid-level noncommissioned/petty officer category winner was Staff Sgt. Christopher Heidger, the noncommissioned officer in charge of the Military Information Support Branch for the EUCOM Plans and Operations Center (J3).
The senior noncommissioned/chief petty officer category winner was Master Sgt. James Wickersham, superintendent of the EUCOM J4 Directorate of Logistics and Security Assistance.

Wickersham said he was elated to receive the award, especially in response to doing a job he loves. “I love the mission and the people I work for, the camaraderie in the office, the challenges that are provided to us, and just simply doing our best to beat those challenges,” he said.

Civilians were nominated in one of three categories based on their General Schedule grade or equivalent. Winners in each category received a Joint Civilian Achievement Medal, golden eagle trophy and a $750 special service award presented in the form of an oversized check. The category 1 (GS 1-8) winner was Rose Buckley, administrative support technician for the EUCOM Headquarters Commandant’s Office. 

Buckley’s favorite part of her job is being able “to see customers smile and leave happy.” The category 2 (GS 9-13) winner was Steven Getz, the MIDLEC and operational security program manager.

The category 3 (GS 14-15) winner was James Martin, chief of the Program and Manpower Branch, Office of the Comptroller. Like many of the other recipients, Martin considered it an honor to work with other EUCOM employees to serve the interests of the U.S.

“The people I work with are great and very supportive,” he said. “That’s what makes everything work together.
“It’s rewarding to do it right.”