Fortifying parent, school partnerships

Our goal is to provide an exciting and challenging educational program for your sons and daughters. The administrators and teachers in the Heidelberg District Schools in the communities of Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Heidelberg are committed to enlist your support and feedback to give us the collective insight for meeting your child’s academic, social and physical needs. Please work in partnership with your child’s teachers and school, for this will create a powerful team to support your child. 

We live and work in the transforming environment of the U.S. Forces in Europe. Our primary purpose is to support the military and civilian personnel assigned to the communities in our district by providing a safe, secure and robust educational program to your school-age children.

Your children’s education is a high priority, quality of life program that is important to the accomplishment of the missions of the U.S. Forces. We take this challenge very seriously, but to ensure we are accomplishing our mission, we implore you to work with us by communicating your questions and suggestions to the teachers and administrators in our schools.

I look forward to a very successful school year for all of our students, and with your continued support I know together, all things are possible.