Classified document destruction facility just got more destructive

Story and photo by Larry Reilly
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

After nearly two months of being closed for some upgrades to its destructive capability, the 405th AFSB Logistics Readiness Center-Stuttgart Classified Document Destruction Facility (CDDF) on Patch Barracks re-opened its doors, Oct. 15.

The facility added some new teeth to its bite with an upgraded hard drive shredder that literally chews up laptop computers and spits the pieces out in a matter of moments. The destructive metal shredder also chews up cell phones and other electronic equipment, discharging the shredded metal pieces into a bin for easy disposal.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Sara Jacobs is one of the first customers in Europe to shred classified documents using the CDDF’s new system, Oct. 15. Photo by Larry Reilly, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs.

“The shedder’s ability to quickly dispose of laptop computers and cell phones is a nice added feature,” said Curtis Burgess, facility manager.

One of the two large paper shredding disintegrator machines housed in the facility also received some upgrades that now enable it to shred classified paper documents in bulk instead of piecemeal shredding.

“Being able to shred our classified documents in large bulk quantities really saves us time,” said intelligence specialist Petty Officer 3rd Class Sara Jacobs, Special Operations-Europe. “We would spend up to six hours at a time shredding our classified documents. With the upgrades, we are done in half that time.”

Stronger and faster chewing capability weren’t the only improvements to the destructive power of the CDDF. A new system that processes the shredded documents to its final product has earned praise from environmentally-friendly folks.

“In the past, after the documents had gone through the entire process, the final product was nothing more than a fine powdery pulp, and all we could do was dispose of it, which was not always so easily done,” said Burgess. “The upgraded machine produces good-sized combustible briquettes that can be burned to create fuel. The briquettes are so much more environmentally friendly than the pulp.”

Along with the destructive upgrade capabilities of the facility, new operating hours were established.

How to make your CDDF appointment

Use of the CDDF is by appointment only, Monday–Thursday, 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.

The facility is closed on Fridays and American holidays. Call 430-5500 or 0711-680-5500.