Cats strut their stuff at Feline Fun Show

Competition was fierce at the 2nd Annual Feline Fun Show Feb. 27, hosted by the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Sports Office.

Cats displayed their long whiskers, fluffy tails and best tricks for the judges.
Others, like the 27-pound Leo, a Norwegian wildcat, merely had to lay on a blanket to compete for the coveted Fat Cat award.

“I’m looking for a carrier on wheels,” said owner Beverly Melvin.

Still, Leo’s extra heft earned him a first place ribbon and some kitty treats.
Community members trickled in throughout the afternoon to see the 30-plus cats on display at the Patch Community Club.

While 19 cat owners participated last year, this year’s total was 27, said Oliver Stith, FMWR sports coordinator.

“You can see from the turnout that people love their cats,” Stith said. “A lot of people come out just to look, too.”

While the club was filled with feline mewls, one cat’s voice stood out.
Snoopy won the Loudmouth Cat contest, which didn’t surprise his owners, Spc. Bryan and Pamela Ward.

 “He lets us know when he needs the litter box changed, and when he needs to be fed, especially when we’re cooking bacon,” Bryan Ward said.

New categories in this year’s event included Best Trick, Best Costume and Cartoon Cat Look-a-like.

Army Staff Sgt. Jennifer Jenson came from Heidelberg with her one-eyed cat, “The Dread Pirate Jenson,” who wore an eye patch and peered out from her carrier decorated like a pirate ship.

While “Dread Pirate” took first place in the costume category, the best-decorated carrier went to Bootsie, who arrived at the show in a shiny, silver UFO carrier.
The decorations reflect Bootsie’s life, said owner Alishia Adams.

“Bootsie showed up out of nowhere in a parking lot one day. Obviously, she came from outer space,” Adams joked.

Juliana Barnes entered Enzo in the Cartoon Look-a-like category. Enzo not only looks like the famous Garfield cartoon, but he acts like him, Juliana said.
“He eats lasagna, too,” she added.

Although the competition was fun, the main point of the show was to give community members a chance to enjoy the cats’ antics, the garrison commander, Col. Richard M. Pastore, pointed out, before handing out ribbons.

“Look at all the kids here having a wonderful time,” he said, adding: “My cat actually adopted a kid.”

FMWR plans to host a dog show in June. For more information, call 421-2089/civ. 0711-729-2089.