Autobahns suffering ‘blow-ups’ in the current heat wave

Courtesy photo

USAREUR Safety Office

The current heat wave in most parts of Germany where temperatures have risen to over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) has caused some sections of the German autobahns to crack apart. The phenomenon known as “blow-ups.”

Blow-ups are caused when concrete slabs don’t have enough room to expand in the heat. The slaps then push against each other, causing them to crack apart. Concrete motorways are most at risk if there is already some damage. This is especially true for older sections of the highways and roads.

Protecting yourself from blow-ups is difficult. The road bursts very quickly into blow-ups. The bursts occur without warning, leading to a possible accident.

According to the German Automobile Club ADAC, motorists should drive more slowly on damaged sections of the road, strictly adhere to the speed limits and  increase the distance from vehicles in front of them. ADAC has also warned motorcyclists in particular to avoid damaged motorways altogether–blow-ups pose the highest risks to motorcyclists.