Ask a JAG: Taxes, SSA cards and phone numbers clarified

By USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

Tax season is heating up, and the Stuttgart Tax Center wants to clarify outdated or incorrect information that may cause confusion and delays in getting your taxes done.

Last tax season, the Tax Center had to move to the Kelley Club due to construction at the Stuttgart Law Center. The current garrison phonebook has the wrong number listed for the Tax Center under the Law Office tab. The number was changed to 421-1420 or 0711-729-4152.

Also, some information about the need to bring your family’s Social Security cards is incorrect on the garrison website.

“It should read at the top that ‘All clients must bring valid identification, the Social Security card for everyone being claimed on a return,’” said Capt. Robert Duffie, officer in charge of this year’s Tax Center. “When you arrive to have your 2018 taxes done, in addition to bringing all of your W-2s, etc., please bring all of your family’s Social Security cards, not just the numbers.”

The tax preparers need to see the cards, Duffie said.

The tax preparation is free, although services are limited this year. If you have questions about the Tax Center, call the number above or email.

One more legal note from SLC Client Services: In May 2018, new protections for service members and veterans were signed into law. The Federal Trade Commission and the Bureau previously highlighted the new federal law that went into effect on September 21, 2018, requiring free security freezes and one-year fraud alerts at the three nationwide credit reporting agencies.

In addition, this law also addresses a number of key financial issues for the military, including:

  • Holding lenders to more stringent requirements when they participate in VA’s refinance programs;
  • Ensuring continued foreclosure protections for service members up to one year after they leave active duty;
  • Prohibiting medical debt that should have been paid by the VA to be reported as  part of a veteran’s credit history; and
  • Providing free credit monitoring for active duty military, including
    the National Guard

    For more information, individuals should visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The new SLC webpage is up and running. It is not complete yet, but there are approximately 50 information papers available on the site. Members of the Stuttgart military community can access the information from the comfort of their home or office.