Army hiring software transitions to USA Staffing

Beginning April 25, applicants for Army jobs in Stuttgart should apply online through USA Jobs and not the Army Resume builder at Civilian Personnel Online.

The transition from the Army’s hiring software, Resumix, to another automated recruitment tool, the Office of Personnel Management’s USA Staffing, has begun and will be completed in Europe by April 30.

For the next two or three years, USA Staffing is the Department of Defense’s interim solution for advertising vacant positions, accepting applications from job seekers, and evaluating their eligibility and qualifications as the DOD chooses a long-term automated hiring program.

USA Staffing, which is fully integrated with USA Jobs, supports competitive examining and merit promotion vacancies and will be used to staff appropriated and non-appropriated fund positions. 

With a USA Jobs account, job seekers can copy their resume from Resumix into their USA Jobs account and upload and store up to five resumes and up to five supplemental documents such as transcripts, military service records and performance appraisals. These stored documents can then be used for jobs in the Army and throughout the DOD, said Alexandra Williams, Stuttgart Civilian Personnel Advisory Center deputy director.

An advantage to USA Staffing is the use of occupational questionnaires to determine the best qualified candidates instead of Resumix skills, Stuttgart CPAC Director Vonda Kenion said.

“The job applicant is better able to demonstrate [his or her] job-specific qualifications through this self-assessment,” Kenion said. “It’s a much more in-depth analysis of an applicant’s knowledge, skills and abilities.”

The features available to job seekers and selecting officials through USA Staffing should also help in streamlining the hiring process, Kenion said. “This system requires direct linking between the supervisor for the position and the servicing CPAC representative,” Kenion said. “That means there’s a subject matter expert involved from beginning to end. Strategic recruitment discussions between the selection manager and the [human resources] representative will be critical for the development of the occupational questionnaire.”

The supplemental documents are required up front. Kenion and Williams, Stuttgart CPAC deputy director, said that sometimes the filling of positions can be prolonged, such as when job referrals are made based on eligibilities that they later find out the candidate does not really have.

The fiscal year 2012 goal for the time it takes to fill a job — from receipt of recruitment action to entrance on duty — is 80 days, the hiring model of the Office of Personnel Management, Kenion said. In Stuttgart, the job fill time in FY10 was 160 days and in the first quarter of FY11, 140 days, she said.

The Civilian Human Resources Agency began the pilot of recruiting and staffing jobs through USA Staffing in select locations in March 2010, including U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command from April through November 2010, Kenion said.

The CHRA-wide transition from Resumix to USA Staffing began in January 2011, with the goal of a full transition of all CPACS in Army locations by April 2012.

What makes USA Staffing different than Resumix?
• Job announcements will be available only on
• Job seekers must apply through USA Jobs, not Civilian Personnel Online
• Applicants must answer assessment questions for each vacancy
• Applicants must set up an account in USAJOBS before applying for positions
• Applicants can upload supporting documentation (i.e. DD-214, SF-50, etc.)

Europe Region schedule for transition from Resumix to USA Staffing:
March 2011 — CHRA Europe Regional Office, Kaiserslautern CPAC and NAF HRO, Benelux CPAC and NAF HRO, and Saudi Arabia

April 2011 —
Franconia CPAC and NAF HRO, Heidelberg CPAC and NAF HRO, Stuttgart CPAC and NAF HRO, Wiesbaden CPAC and NAF HRO, Grafenwoehr CPAC and NAF HRO, Vicenza CPAC and NAF HROs — Vicenza and Livorno