AER program steps explained

USAG Stuttgart Army Emergency Relief
News Release

The Army Emergency Relief Company Commander and First Sergeant Quick Assist Program, formerly known as the AER Commander’s Referral Program, serves as an expedient and valuable tool for leaders to help Soldiers resolve short-term cash flow issues.

Company commander’s and/or 1st Sgts. can approve an interest-free loan up to $2000.00 for single or married active duty Soldiers.  Common categories of assistance include, but aren’t limited to, rent or mortgage, utilities deposits, food, emergency travel, vehicle repair, non-receipt of pay or loss of funds, funeral expenses, and repair or replacement of major appliances.

The Soldier completes and submits AER Form 600, the program application. Next, the Soldier will be interviewed by company commander or 1st Sgt. for review to verify the financial need.  After the form is signed, the Soldier visits the AER Office at Army Community Service with the signed form, ID card and his/her Leave and Earnings Statement. The AER officer will confirm eligibility before issuing the funds.

“The intent of the Quick Assist Program is to allow leaders to directly respond to valid financial needs of their Soldiers. AER wants to deter Soldiers from using payday loans, pawn shops and title loan companies who are not looking out for their best interests,” said Merilee Nevins, USAG Stuttgart AER officer. “Use of these type of businesses will only deepen the Soldiers financial struggles. This program reinforces unit leader involvement in the resolution of their Soldiers’ financial issues while making the process for the Soldier more convenient.”

Who to contact for AER
For Soldier’s requiring loans of more than $2000 or who choose not to use the Quick Assist Program, contact the USAG Stuttgart AER Office at 431-3362/3348 or 07031-15-3362/3348, or stop by ACS, Bldg. 2915, 2nd floor, Panzer Kaserne.