Navigating your move with special needs Family Members

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Moving is an integral part of military life. While the opportunity to experience different places can be one of the perks of this highly mobile lifestyle, it’s also one of the greatest challenges.

Executing a permanent change of station move in a way that creates a smooth transition for the entire family is rarely as effortless as some PCS veterans make it seem. But when a family has a child or family member with special needs, it can be even more complicated.

Get updated

Ensure that family members with special needs are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program and that all information is current. This allows assignment managers to consider medical and special education needs of family members during the assignment process, minimizing the chance that the family Member will be sent to a location without necessary services. EFMP status must be updated every three years, unless there is a change in diagnosis. Service Members with families PCSing to another overseas location must be medically screened.

Do your homework

Special education criteria and services, academic standards, access to programs, and promotion and graduation requirements vary from place to place. For military children, it is essential that parents understand these differences. Tapping into resources like the School Liaison Officer, EFMP Coordinator and EFMP System Navigator are a good way to start gathering information about educational services at your new duty station. Ensure your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) plan or 504 Plan is current prior to PCSing.

Contractors and Reservists

If you are a contractor or reservist relocating to USAG Stuttgart and are considering enrollment in a DoDEA school, your child is eligible for school only on a space available basis. Some factors that influence the process include enrollment data, enrollment projections, and IEP related services. To better understand DoDEA eligibility and enrollment procedures, visit or contact the school liaison officer at:


Plan to hand-carry important documents such as copies of educational records and assessments, IEP, 504, family service plans, medical records and medication refills your family member will need for a few months.

Make the connections

Once you know where you are moving, visit your local EFMP Family Support Office. The staff can help connect you with services at your gaining installation’s EFMP Family Support Office. The Stuttgart EFMP Family Support Office works with all branches of service, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.

To in-process or out-process with EFMP Family Support, please make an appointment via

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