Transferring schools during PCS

Students arrive for the first day of school at Robinson Elementary. Photos by Becca Castellano

School Liaison Officer

If you are leaving Stuttgart and have children enrolled in any of the Stuttgart community’s Department of Defense Education Activity schools, the School Liaison Office (SLO) can connect you with the SLO at your gaining command to provide you with information, resources, and any available youth sponsorship opportunities.

We recommend notifying the Stuttgart school(s) about your move as soon as you receive your orders, which may be requested by the school registrar. Please contact your school registrar to ensure you meet the accelerated withdrawal requirements. We suggest requesting a copy of your student’s cumulative record (in addition to the sealed record for the gaining school).

Although Stuttgart schools will prepare the sealed records and allow parents to hand-carry them, having a copy is recommended. Opening the sealed package may void the official records. It is recommended that these records travel with you, and not in your household goods. If your child receives special education services, request a copy of the Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan. These records are kept separate from your child’s cumulative record, and, similar to school records, it is recommended that these documents also travel with you, and not in your household goods.

For students in 6th grade and above, consider documenting the course description and a title page of textbooks used in each of your child’s classes. This provides the gaining school the opportunity to determine exactly what was taught. Sometimes the course titles alone are unclear to the gaining school, or they don’t reflect actual concepts being presented in class.

For students in 9th grade and above, parents should request letters of recommendations from teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches, etc., to help students as they apply for college admissions and programs at the new school, such as the National Honor Society, special clubs and programs, or scholarship opportunities.

Contact the school meal program at AAFES customer service to ensure you leave with a zero balance. As you begin your transition from USAG Stuttgart, I look forward to helping connect you and your family to your next school and community!

Helpful tips for transferring medical records from Stuttgart

Transferring records

Active Duty Army and Air Force personnel and their dependents will not hand-carry their medical
records. Records are transferred by mail when the gaining military medical facility requests them. Active Duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel must hand-carry their records. Pick up of records requires orders. The sponsor cannot pick up records for anyone over the age of 18 without a power of attorney, including spouses.

Records Requests

Any Service Member or dependent that wants a copy of their medical records can submit a DD From 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information). Requestors must allow 30 business days for turnaround.

School-aged children

Parents who have school aged children under the age of 18 should consider getting a copy of the child’s shot records and last physical. Patients interested in receiving a copy of the medical records may submit a DD From 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information). Requestors must allow 30 business days for turnaround.