How to clear housing on or off post

Many families live at Robinson Barracks, conveniently located near downtown Stuttgart. Photo by Logan Ludwig, AFN Stuttgart

By Housing Division, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart

Are your leaving us? Here are some helpful tips for a smooth departure.

Off post procedures

First–request the official termination packet from the housing office. We will provide you procedures for notification to your landlord and tips for clearing your home. Notify your landlord via German registered mail (“Einwurf Einschreiben”) or hand delivery prior to the required notice date; 90 days in most cases and 30 days with Military clause (see stipulations in your contract).

Have the landlord sign the termination notice in person. Both the landlord and tenant should retain a copy for their records. Emailed or faxed termination notices are not legally binding according to German Rental Law.

A pre-termination inspection with your landlord is recommended 30-45 days ahead of your departure to identify problem areas that can be corrected in order to help you avoid or minimize fees. If problems are suspected between you and your landlord, you can request Pervin Estates, the Housing Services Referral Contractor, accompany you and/or serve as mediator.

Once you have the landlord signed termination notice, submit a copy to the housing office and schedule a final termination inspection with Pervin Estates; ideally 30 days ahead of your desired date.  Scheduling as early as possible will increase the likelihood that your desired date is available for you. Meter readings must be conducted during the final termination inspection; the day you turn in the keys to your landlord. Reminder, a meter reading is required if you are a UTAP customer.

On-post procedures

Schedule a pre-termination inspection as early as possible. Orders are not required. This is recommended 45-60 days ahead of anticipated departure.   During this inspection, you will be informed of estimated charges and provided recommendations for corrections ahead of your move out. The goal here is to help you keep charges down.

Coordinate the movement of household goods (HHG) with the transportation office.

Final termination inspections should be scheduled for no more than 3 business days before departure.  Personnel must have orders to schedule the inspection and HHG picked up ahead of the inspection.

Temporary Furniture and Appliances

3 business days are required to schedule delivery and pick up of furnishings, but if a desired delivery date is needed, as much advance notice as possible is helpful. Ensure your government appliances are cleaned and ready for pick-up to avoid potential charges. Customers must be on site during the pickup and should report any damages to the housing office immediately. Customers will be charged the transportation cost of $75 for re-delivery if not available for the scheduled delivery/pickup window or delivery was denied upon arrival of the warehouse team. Verify items ordered and delivery date with the housing office during scheduling. User manuals for all appliances should be returned. Any loose parts, such as screw-in feet for dryers, should also be returned.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)

Military Members residing off post are authorized up to 10 days of outgoing TLA. On post residents are authorized up to 3 days of outgoing TLA. Hotel stays beyond permitted timelines will likely result in personal expenses and should be avoided. Report delays to housing immediately for alternative solutions. Delays due to COVID-19  follow instructions in G-1 ALARACT (049/2021).   Reimbursement for lodging is sought by requesting a “TLA Document” from housing for processing by your finance.

Final Recommendations

Be sure to terminate your phone, internet, and other services/utilities prior to your final termination inspection. Most German companies have at least 90 days of notice required for terminations.  Provide good contact information for your landlord as utility reconciliation may be outstanding at your departure. All personnel must clear with the housing office prior to departure from USAG Stuttgart. This follows all final inspections (on or off post). Appointments can be scheduled via the USAG Stuttgart App and are highly encouraged. Walk-ins are also possible, but please be prepared for extended waiting periods.

We wish you the best with your future endeavors!

Housing Phone Numbers

  • Housing Services Officer (Customer Service and Furnishings requests): 596-2230 or 09641-70-596-2230
  • Unaccompanied Personnel Housing: 596-2236/-2337 or 09641-70-596-2236/-2337
  • Off-Post Housing Referrals: 596-2318/-3484/-3485/-3782 or 09641-70-596-2318/-3484/-3485/-3782
  • General and Flag Officer Quarters: 596-6182/-6183/-6184 or 09641-70-596-6182/-6183/-6184
  • On-post housing email:
  • Pervin Estates (off post housing referral) email: