The royal treatment: 5 castles for overnight stays in Germany

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By Ashley Dobson
Contributing writer

It’s no secret the German landscape is covered in castles, but did you know, many of those unique castles are available to rent and stay in for a weekend trip or a week-long vacation.

Airbnb is just one website available where people can find, list and rent all types of lodging. The site features more than 50 castles for rent all over Germany. Rentals start at around €50 per night for a single room.

Whether you are looking for a room in a Victorian-style castle, to rent out an entire castle at the edge of the Franconian Alps or to spend a weekend sharing a castle with a noble family, there’s an option for you.

While it is hard to narrow them down, here are my top five based on unique experience offerings and interesting histories.

Schloss Unsleben — Photo courtesy of Schloss Unsleben
Schloss Unsleben — Photo courtesy of Schloss Unsleben

Schloss Unsleben
When I picture a true fairytale castle in my mind, it always has a moat. If you feel the same way, Schloss Unsleben, located on the edge of the Bavarian mountain region Rhoen, is for you. At this low-key castle, you can rent a room inside the castle or have the entire Falkennest tower, the castle cottage, or the garden house to yourself.
The castle itself is inhabited by the count and countess. According to reviews on Airbnb, they make for lovely hosts and can teach you a bit about what it means to be nobility in Germany.

Schloss Moehren — Photo by Monument Fotograaf
Schloss Moehren — Photo by Monument Fotograaf

Schloss Moehren
Located on the Romantic Road in Bavaria, Schloss Moehren’s history dates back to the 12th century.
The castle was originally built as a hunting lodge. For the majority of the castle’s life it belonged to the Pappenheim family, a prominent German noble family. The symbol of the Pappenheims can still be found on some of the property’s windows and the gate.
Now Schloss Moehren is privately owned and has been turned into a guesthouse. The current owners live in the castle itself, while the former gatehouse, tower house and Schweizer House are all available for rent.
The castle is located in a beautiful area to explore and is also situated perfectly for day trips to Munich and Nuremberg.

Schloss Groebitz
The castle lies at the heart of the tiny village of Groebitz. While it doesn’t look like the castles you picture in fairytales or Disney movies, this castle has a unique history.
The most identifiable trait is the circular tower from 1512. The rest of the existing property was built in 1721. Since it was built, 13 noble families have lived within its walls.
After World War II, the castle was nationalized, and it was used for a multitude of different purposes. It has held refugees and has served as a town hall, nursery, volunteer fire department, doctor’s office and library.
All of these uses have left their mark on this unique building. Now you can leave yours by vacationing in the renovated apartment inside.

Burg Hilpoltstein
As the most luxurious option of them all, this medieval castle near Bayreuth will truly let you know what it is like to be king.
There are five terraces in this 900-year-old castle. Renting it out gets you the entrance hall, kitchen, knights’ hall, a guest room and bathroom, the master bedroom and bathroom, Hall of Mirrors and the ladies’ parlor. You can also add on the cost of a private chef for your stay if you wish.
The castle is one of the oldest in the region. It changed hands many times throughout the centuries before being saved by King Ludwig, according to the Airbnb posting. The current owner bought the castle and renovated the inside in 2013.