Take a spa day in the Black Forest

spa day

By Carola Meusel

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Visitors to the Black Forest town of Bad Wildbad have the chance to experience a royal spa treatment — where German blue bloods once bathed — without the high price tag at the “Palais Thermal” spa.

The Palais Thermal was built between 1840 and 1847 by Nikolaus Friedrich of Thouret, a Stuttgart architect, under the reign of King Wilhelm I of Württemberg. For centuries, members of royal families from throughout Europe visited Bad Wildbad to bathe in thermal water for its healing properties.

Today, the nostalgic character of the former bathing house is preserved through its original design, mixing floral and colorful “Art Nouveau” ornaments with golden Moorish architecture. Statues of Roman and Greek gods and goddesses also can be seen in pools throughout the bathing area.

The historical bathing temple offers 12 pools, including various whirlpools and massage pools filled with bubbling thermal water. The water temperatures vary between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius (89 to 100 degrees Farenheit). Some of the pools are divided into private bathing alcoves, or “Chambre Séparées,” designed to fit two to five people. In 1847, these pools were called “Prince Baths” and only those of royal blood were allowed to use them. Today, everyone is welcome to enter these bathing rooms.

In the 19th century, men and women were not allowed to bathe in the same pool, so their bathing areas were separate. Today, while the Palais Thermal’s main swimming pools are co-ed, they are still referred to as the “Gentlemen’s Bath” (Herrenbad) and “Ladies Bath” (Frauenbad).

Beside the historic swimming pools, the Palais Thermal features a modern sauna and wellness area. A Roman steam bath and four types of saunas were designed to provide visitors with a chance to unwind.

Massages, peels and wellness packages ranging from hot-stone and oil massages to a white chocolate cream bath or a mocha coffee peel are also available. All wellness packages must be booked in advance. Patrons can also book a soap-brush massage: a 10-minute, full body treatment designed to increase circulation.

For a snack break, visitors can stop by the cafeteria and break room, located at the “Maurische Halle” (Moorish Hall). The room is framed by marble columns and arabesque arches and features colorful ornaments on the walls, and a mosaic floor. Here, visitors can relax in comfortable sun beds or enjoy a menu offering items such as fresh salads with feta cheese and grilled Black Forest trout.

Another highlight outside of the pools is the Bathing Museum, located next to the Herrenbad. The museum displays an overview of Bad Wildbad’s history and bathing traditions, as well as photos of aristocratic visitors.

With its historical charm and relaxing atmosphere, the Palais Thermal is one way for visitors to Bad Wildbad to escape from the cold and gray of winter. Bathing suits are optional, but not required.

The Palais Thermal is open Monday through Friday from noon to 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets cost €16 for a two-hour stay, €19 for a three-hour stay and €21.50 for a full day. For information, visit www.palais-thermal.de.

Indoor mineral spa’s and pools in the Stuttgart Area

Fildorado adventure pools in Fildertstadt-Bonlanden

The “Fildorado” adventure pools in Fildertstadt-Bonlanden offer indoor and outdoor areas, a wave pool,slides as well as a wellness and spa area. Fildorado is located at Mahlestrasse50, 70794 Fildertstadt-Bonlanden. S-Bahn train S2 takes visitors to the “Filderstadt-Bernhausen”stop. From there, take Bus 35 to the “Bonladen Fildorado” stop.

For more information, visit www.fildorado.de.

Badezentrum Sindelfingen

The “Badezentrum Sindelfingen” offers three indoor and five outdoor pools as well as a wellness area with saunas andwhirlpools. The Badezentrum is located at Hohenzollernstrasse 23, 71067Sindelfingen. S-Bahn train S1 takes visitors to the “Goldberg” stop. Fromthere, take Bus 708 to “Sindelfingen Sommerhofenstrasse” stop.

For more information, visit www.badezentrum.de.

Mineraltherme in Böblingen

The “Mineraltherme,” or mineral spa in Böblingen provides indoor and outdoor mineral pools, saunas andmassages. The Mineraltherme is located at Am Hexenbuckel 1, 71032 Böblingen(5-minute drive from Panzer Kaserne). S-Bahn train S1 takes visitors to the“Goldberg” stop. From there, take Bus 721 or 708 to the “Mineraltherme” stop. Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt has the second largest mineral sources in Europe.

For more information, visit www.mineraltherme-boeblingen.de/start.

Hallenbad Sonnenberg

The “Hallenbad Sonnenberg”offers various pools with depths ranging from 0.70m to 2m (2ft – 6.5ft) Diving boards: 1m, 3m and 5m high (3ft, 10ft, and 16ft) Water slide, steam bath, tanning booth, sunbathing area, table tennis, baby and child swimming areas, health/fitness classes, swimming lessons, cafeteria. The Hallenbad Sonnenberg is located Kremmlerstr. 170597 Stuttgart – Möhringen. Tel.: 0711 / 7 65 – 18 06 Subway – U5, U6: Stop “Sonnenberg.”

For more information, visit www.stuttgart.de/baeder/hbsonnenberg.

Leo- Vetter –Bad

The “Leo- Vetter –Bad” offers various pools with depths ranging from 0.70m to 2m (2ft – 6.5ft) Diving boards: 1m, 3m and 5m high (3ft, 10ft, and 16ft) Water slide, steam bath, tanning booth, sunbathing area, table tennis, baby and child swimming areas, health/fitness classes, swimming lessions, cafeteria. The Leo- Vetter- Bad is located at Landhausstr. 192, 70188 Stuttgart – Ost. Tel.: 0711 / 216 – 90 77 Subway – U4: Stop “Tal-/Landhausstr” Bus – No. 40: Stop “Wagenburg-/Ostendstr” No. 56: Stop “Tal-/Landhausstr.” No. 42: Stop “Ostendplatz.”

For more information, visit www.stuttgart.de/baeder/leo-vetter-bad.

Hallenbad Heslach

The “Hallenbad Heslach” offers various pools with depths ranging from 0.70m to 2m (2ft – 6.5ft) Diving boards: 1m, 3m and 5m high (3ft, 10ft, and 16ft) Steam bath with sauna, health/fitness classes, swimming lessons, sunbathing area, tanning booth, kiosk, restaurant. The Hallenbad Heslach is located at Mörikestr. 62, 70199 Stuttgart – Süd Tel.: 0711 / 2 16-61 99 Subway – U1, U14, Bus No. 42: Stop “Schreiberstraße” Bus – No. 41: Stop”Marienplatz.”

For more information, visit www.stuttgart.de/baeder/hbheslach.

Alfred-Kercher Bad

The “Alfred-Kercher Bad (near Robinson Barracks) offers indoor and outdoor pool, mermaid course, children’s swim lessons. The Alfred-Kercher Bad is located at Theodor-Heuss-Straße 4, 70806 Kornwestheim Tel: 07154 806 1595, located directly on the B 27, exit Kornwestheim Middle-East.

For more information, visit www.swlb.de/de/Freizeit/Alfred-Kercher-Bad/Alfred-Kercher-Bad.html.

Waldfreibad Holzgerlin

The “Waldfreibad Holzgerlin” is an open air heated swimming pool, 72 degrees. It is located at Böblinger Straße 5-7, 71088 Holzgerlingen Tel: 07031 680 80.

For more information, visit www.holzgerlingen.de.

Panorama Therme Beuren

The “Panorama Therme Beuren” is a health resort and one of the most beautiful thermal baths in Southern Germany.In addition to a 1,000-square-meter pool landscape with seven differently tempered thermal water pools and a cold water pool.  In addition to a well  generously designed Sauna area.

For more information, visit www.panorama-therme.de.