Stuttgart smokes competition during Oktoberfest Boxing Championship


Sloan Grey, right, of Stuttgart follows through after delivering a right hook to Brenden Chernis of Baumholder during their super heavyweight bout during the USAG Stuttgart Octoberfest Boxing Championships at Panzer Kaserne in Stuttgart Oct. 20. Grey won the bout when the referee stopped the fight. (Photo by:  Kevin Abel, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office)

The Stuttgart boxing team defended its title as the top military boxing team in Europe after hosting and capturing first place in the USAG Stuttgart Oktoberfest Boxing Championships held at Panzer Kaserne Gym Oct. 20.

Seven boxing teams from around Europe participated in the boxing championships hoping to dethrone the champs, but the depth and talents of the Stuttgart team were enough to stave off the competition.

The team results were:  1st Place:  Stuttgart with 67 points, 2nd Place: Baumholder with 39 points, 3rd Place:  Bavaria with 26 points, 4th Place: Kaiserslautern with 9 points, 5th Place:  Vicenza with 8 points, 6th Place: Ramstein with 6 points, and 7th Place:  Ansbach with 5 points.

The individual categories and bout results were:

Women’s Novice Bout:
Ferrel Littlejohn DEC Vida Vetterkind, Bavaria

Men’s Open Division:
Nikolas Petrosyan, Bavaria DEC Coutney Wilson, Vicenza

Men’s Novice Bouts:
Lightweight:  Dewayne Geddis Dec Jason Rodriguez, Ramstein; Simon Martinez Stuttgart DEC Adam Klakowicz, Baumholder; Rudy Miranda, Stuttgart DEC Tommy Kesterson, Baumholder

Light Welterweight:  Rudy Miranda, Stuttgart DEC Tommy Kesterson, Baumholder; Marion McMllian Dec Govindraman Thulasi, Ramstein; Sherman Buckley, Bavaria DEC Micah Lovely, Kaiserslautern

Welterweight:  Dalton Hogle, Vicenza DEC Steve Benjamin, Baumholder; Antoine Crawford, Baumholder DEC George Purdy, Bavaria

Light Middleweight:  Jose Arias, Stuttgart DEC Jormanny Montes, Baumholder

Middleweight:  Dexter Smith, Baumholder DEC Michael Semeniuk, Stuttgart

Light Heavyweight:  Neville Patrick, Bavaria DEC Nikolas Jeffers, Stuttgart; Dominique Kitheart, Baumholder DEC Abraham Yang, Stuttgart; Nicholas Moore, Ansbach DEC Angel Serrato, Baumholder; Michael Umhra, Stuttgart  RSC’d
Malachi Smith, Baumholder, 0:49 seconds, 3rd Round; Xavier Gonzalez, Bavaria DEC Kim Bethelmie, Stuttgart

Super Heavyweight:  Sloan Grey, Stuttgart RSC’d Brenden Chernis, Baumholder, 1:19, 2nd Round; Hector Rivera, Stuttgart RSC’d Tyrone Brown, Baumholder, 0:25 seconds, 2nd Round; Derrick Knight, Stuttgart, RSC’d  Joshua Winckel, Kaiserslautern, 1:04, 2nd Round

Legend:  DEC = Decision on Points; RSC = Referee Stops Contest

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