Long Night of the Museums Stuttgart

March 17 @ 7 p.m. – 2 a.m., with the children’s program from 4- 7 p.m.

Looking to get to know the city, explore its museums, admire the arts, listen to music or party the night away? You can do all of this and more during Stuttgart’s “Lange Nacht der Museen”.

The evening features over 90 events located in and around downtown Stuttgart, such as exhibitions, concerts, performance art, boat trips on the Neckar River, and lots of parties.

You can take advantage of this chance to check out museums you want to see, but you are not sure if they are worth a detailed visit, to explore smaller or alternative cultural venues, to see interesting places that are usually not open to the public, to do some hands-on cultural activities – or just to party all night long with the locals.


Purchase tickets in advance: 

Online or at any participating location before the event. There will be long lines that evening so plan ahead which things you would like to see most. All locations also have printed programs that you can pick up in advance to plan your tour. (More ticket details below.)

If you have kids, you can decide to make this a parents’ night out, or bring them along at the childrens activities that begin earlier in the afternoon.

There’s a whole program specifically designed for kids 5 to 14 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.:

Kunstmuseum: Creativity program at 4 and 5 pm for kids 7-11. An actress of the Young Ensemble Stuttgart and an art therapist will take the kids on a 45-minute treasure hunt through the museum in search for colors, lines, and shapes. LIMITED PARTICIPANTS, first come first served!

IFA Galerie (Institute for Foreign Relations) Charlottenplatz: Another program with hands-on activities that combine art and play with a multicultural approach. Workshop from 4 years: photography and artistic rendering. Kids can take their artwork home with them.

Stadtlabor, City Center: Interested in construction? Kids 8 and older will find many workshops for future architects and develop geometric skills building all kinds of shapes with bamboo sticks – 2 and 3 dimensional (towers, bridges, balls).

Linden Museum: Running exhibition on shadow theater traditions in Asia and Europe: 2 workshops for 6 years and up: create your own figures and try them out + Indonesian percussions of all kinds and sizes to play together.

Mercedes-Benz Museum: lots of offers for kids of various ages from 4 to 7 pm. E.g. workshop from age 5, to design you own steering wheel or a future prototype. 6 years and up can test their skills on a virtual MB with Super Mario Maker. Older kids (8 an up) can race remote controlled models of DTM cars (German Racing Championship)

For Adults:

Public Transit runs as scheduled in addition to the special event shuttle buses and transportation. 

Mercedes-Benz Museum from 7 p.m. Just some of the offers include: Special Exhibition for the 10th birthday of the museum: planning, construction, exhibit history. How were the exhibits moved in for display? Special guided tours on the museum’s architecture (DNA spiral). Good weather: Start gazing from a telescope on the rooftop – in cooperation with Stuttgart’s Astronomic Observatory. 11 pm to 4 am: After Party (buses will run from 2:20 a.m. to 4:50 a.m. directly from the museum to the Schlossplatz).

Late night party at the Porsche Museum, too, with soundtrack provided by SWR3: (SWR3 goes clubbing) in an around the full-view car workshop on the 1st floor of the museum. Special guided tours and archive visit. After 2 a.m., take S-Bahn S6 from the Porsche-Platz stop to ride back home.

More for car enthusiasts: unique chance to get a free ride in an authentic vintage car to and from the car museums thanks to the Württemberg Automobile Club (oldest auto club worldwide). Departing from and arriving at the New Palace’s courtyard 7 p.m. to midnight.

Stuttgart’s Neues Schloss, (New Palace) on Schlossplatz: Long Night visitors can tour part of this historic building including the Marmorsaal, or Marble Hall. These rooms are open to the public only on limited occasions (VIP tours, press conferences, weddings). The 2 side wings cannot be visited, as they host the offices of 2 State ministries (Finances and Education). The castle will be open from 7 p.m. to 1:30 a.m.

For an offbeat adventure on the Neckar River, stop by the Stuttgart harbor. A video painting and a virtual graffiti show will illuminate the docks. Light artists present new forms of light installations. Graffiti and paintings will be projected on the walls of warehouses along the industrial harbor area, making for a dazzling experience. Light shows will start every 30 minutes from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. Boats will take off from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. from Mittelkai.


  1. Bunker hotel below the Marktplatz: After World War II, it offered the real luxury of heated rooms, bathrooms and a reading area. The hotel in this air raid shelter closed in 1985.
  2. Luftschutzstollen: under the Heibronnerstrasse near the LBBW bank next to the Main Hauptbahnhof  Train Station (tour nord). One of the first air shelters in Stuttgart. Built for 1,000 people, mostly rail workers and travelers: very simple: it ponly offered benches, electric light, and toilets.
  3. Bunker Untertuerkheim (Tour Wein): The shelter near the Mercedes-Benz factory, one of the most bombed out areas, is now used as a wine cellar by an award-winning local vinery: Weinmanufaktur Untertuerkheim. For the night of the museum you will also find music and design there: Piano and voice duo Suite 16, a wine label contest: cast your vote for the best one!

Bible Museum: (Tour West, Stop 3) At the Bibliorama you can experience in person how the Bible came to be, “meet” 14 figures from the Old and New Testament, and play laser harp, compose a psalm, or build your own church at various interactive stations.

Police Museum: (Tour U6, Pragsattel Stop) New: the Stuttgart Police Museum opened in March 2015. It reconstructs the little-known history of the city police showing how investigation techniques and instruments have changed over the decades. It includes sections on

  • evolution of traffic management/accident prevention since the invention of the automobile (130 years ago)
  • Collection of counterfeited money
  • Most spectacular crimes of the past 2 centuries

The World of Streetcars (Strassenbahnwelt): Bad Cannstatt. The original workshop of Stuttgart’s streetcars (also invented here by Mr. Daimler) houses a dedicated museum exhibiting trains from all historical periods. For the Long Night of the Museums, the vintage trains of Line 21 will run back and forth from the museum to the Main Station until 1:30 am. The entertainment program includes a live snake show with dancer Persia, stand-up comedy, and live music: boogie-woogie, classic rock ’n’ roll, hits of the 50s.

Tickets: €19.

Children 6-14: €4

Children 5 years or younger: free.

The ticket price includes transportation and admission to all venues.

Shuttle buses will run all night from the Karlsplatz and Schlossplatz bus stops to geographically close or similarly themed locations:

Tour West: Running every 15 minutes through the city’s “arty” district filled with galleries and creative workshops. A full tour lasts 25 minutes.

Tour Nord: Running every 15 minutes up and down Stuttgart’s northern slopes to important and unusual museums (Weissenhof, Police Museum, Lottery Museum). A full tour lasts 42 minutes.

Tour West: Running every 15 minutes through the city’s “arty” district filled with galleries and creative workshops. A full tour lasts 25 minutes.

Tour Neckar: Running every 10 minutes to the many Bad Cannstatt locations including the Mercedes-Benz Museum and back into town. A full tour lasts 32 minutes.

Tour Hafen (harbor): Running every 5 minutes alongside with the Neckar Tour to the docks, which are also the starting point of the Wine Tour. A full tour lasts 43 minutes.

Tour Wein: This is the only tour that does not stop downtown. It runs every 10 from the harbor up into the vineyards to two wine cellars and the Stuttgart Wine Museum. A full tour lasts 25 minutes.

U-Bahn line U6: U6 streetcars will run at close intervals until 2 a.m. for fast connection of far-away locations in the southeastern and northwestern parts of town.

Most locations can be also reached using normal bus lines, U-Bahn (streetcars) or S-Bahn (subway), so keep this option in mind in case of long lines at the bus stops. Finally, U14 streetcars build shortcuts among 4 tours.

Stuttgart city maps including public transport maps are available cost-free at the tourist information office iPunkt in front of the Main Train Station Hauptbahnhof.

All public transport within the Stuttgart transit authority VVS is included in the ticket price  from noon until sunrise the next day.