German-American Artist group seeks American artists

By Carola Meusel
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs 

For those interested in the arts and collaboratively exchanging creative concepts with amateur and professional artists alike, the German-American Artist Group would be a good start. The German-American Artist Group was founded in 2001 and consists of artists from Germany and all parts of the U.S., some of them affiliated with the military community in Stuttgart.

Courtesy German-American Artist Group

According to Erika Alber, a German artist and founder of the German-American Artist group, the intent is to bring German and American artists and art lovers together.
Besides organizing two exhibitions per year, the group also gets out and about during field trips and co-organized events.

“We are not dictating a specific topic for our exhibitions. The artists can personally choose what type of works they would like to have displayed. That’s what makes our art shows lively and interesting,” Alber said.

A broad spectrum of media, to include photography, fabric and digital art, printmaking, painting and sculpture is typically displayed during the exhibitions.

“Art is an effective medium to get to know and understand each other and enable a dialogue between the cultures,” Alber said.

Alber describes the artist group as a meeting platform to bring Germans and Americans together.

“Aside from our exhibitions, many lasting friendships developed over the years and to further cultivate this friendship on a cultural level, we would welcome fellow American artists to join our group.”

Americans interested in joining the German-American Artist Group can email Erika Alber at