Filderado offers unique attractions for all ages

Walking into Filderado’s indoor pool center may feel like entering another world.

The sound of rushing water comes from the sea-green toddler area, where fountains spray into wading pools.

In another area, showers of water fall from the ceiling into a pool, which suddenly fills with waves, causing young visitors to run over and jump in.

Filderado is located in Filderstadt, a 10-minute drive from Kelley Barracks. It was completely renovated in 2006, and now has additional pools, a fitness area, upgraded spa facilities and the popular “jumping” slide, which includes a free fall between two slides.

“This is our greatest attraction,” said Katharina Hacker-Koelle, staff trainer and customer service manager. “For one moment, you’re just in the air … flying.”
About 15,000 visitors come to Filderado each week, with up to 3,000 on a weekend day alone, said Heidi Gohl, sauna and pool area manager.

The variety of activities at Filderado attracts visitors of all ages, Hacker-Koelle added.

 “It’s the only place where you can have a relaxing area with a spa and also … big attractions like this slide,” she said.

Parents can drop off infants and toddlers in the child care center, which is free to fitness club members. Non-members pay €1.50 per hour.

Alison Elk, a Navy spouse, became a member of the Filderado fitness club because of the child care.

 “They offer hours seven days a week, which is different than other German gyms,” she said. “I can have a break.”

There are other benefits to being a member of the fitness club, as well. Members receive a flash drive containing their workout plan, which they can plug into all of the equipment. The flash drive records each workout session and reminds members when they need to see a trainer.

“It makes it very easy to know a routine,” Elk said. “It keeps track of my progress.”
Elk also uses the child care to take a break with her husband and visit adult-oriented parts of Filderado, including the sauna and wellness center.

In addition to traditional spa treatments and saunas, Filderado has a “Salounge” — a room filled with salt-infused air to benefit the skin and lungs.

Other unique aspects of Filderado are the solid ice columns in the middle of the indoor pool area, which give visitors a chance to cool off, and absorb humid air from the heated pools, Gohl said.

An outdoor pool area, separate from the rest of Filderado, includes a five-meter climbing tower and areas for volleyball and soccer. The outdoor area is set to open for the summer on May 1.

All of these offerings contribute to Filderado’s one-of-a-kind atmosphere, Hacker-Koelle said. “It’s the combination of attractions for children and families, and classes for the elderly … it’s special.”

Filderado is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and Sunday and holidays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Entrance to the indoor pool area for two hours is €6.80 per adult, €4 for children. Entrance to the outdoor pool area is €4 per adult and €2.40 per child. Children under 4 years of age are free.
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