Health Services

Health Services

Yes civilians can be seen in the clinic if they are an eligible beneficiaries. We are currently seeing emergency care only for our eligible beneficiaries. Please call the clinic at DSN 590-2800/06371-9464-2800 starting after 0730 for a screening and triage to determine eligibility, COVID-19 exposure, and the extent of the emergency in order to give the dental staff a heads up.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Europe increases, we may have to make some adjustments within our medical treatment facilities. Priority is always given to acute and emergent care and COVID-19 screening, and maximizing the use of virtual health encounters. We remain committed to maintaining the health and readiness of our beneficiaries, but changes could impact some routine appointments. Patients with appointments to address routine complaints of several weeks-months duration could be asked to adjust the timing of their appointments. If that happens, they will be contacted in advance by their Primary Care Team.

In an effort to minimize exposure risk and spread of COVID-19, we are also limiting points of entry to our clinics and we will be screening for COVID-19 risk indicators. Please fully cooperate with the clinic staff conducting the screenings and checkups. They are doing this to protect all Soldiers, family members and staff from the spread of infection.

We are committed to maintaining the overall health and Readiness of our military community while prioritizing acute and emergent care. We apologize for any inconvenience and will do our best to maximize access to care. If you have questions or need more information, please contact your primary care provider. For the most current information about Patch Barracks Medical Treatment Facility’s status, visit their Facebook page

The Stuttgart Army Dental Clinic is providing full dental services under strict COVID-19 guidelines in accordance with the CDC, DOD and Host Nation guidance, and in partnership with SROs and garrison commanders. We are primarily treating active duty military.

Dental care for family members continues to be limited at the present time.

The Stuttgart Army Dental Clinic is located on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg 2996 (Building shared with the Veterinary Clinic)
Hours of Operation- Mon-Fri 0720-1620; Sick Call hours- Mon-Fri 0720-0920
Opened all training Holidays, Closed all US federal holidays

Please call or email for information.
Call: +49 (0) 637-1946-42800 or DSN 590-2800

Visit our Facebook page

The Stuttgart Army Medical Clinic on Patch Barracks offers curbside pharmacy refill service during normal hours of operation.  Call the pharmacy refill line to check for changes to service offerings. CIV: 06371-9464-1633 or DSN: 590-1633.

In order to maintain patient and personnel safety amidst COVID-19, we will take actions as prescribed by Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Risk Levels and health official’s guidance and will adjust our Military Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) Pharmacy operations as necessary. Careful local assessments will determine the status of each individual military pharmacy and may result in temporary measures to adapt to this changing situation. In extreme circumstances, there may be temporary, partial or full limitations of MTF Pharmacy services. These will be temporary solutions that will be assessed daily.

In the case of a local outbreak or a confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst MTF Pharmacy teammates, MTF Directors have been authorized to limit pharmacy services as necessary. We don’t expect any of these limitations to be a routine practice but rather a case-by-case determination based on the severity of the spread of COVID-19 at a specific location. If pharmacy services are limited, they will be assessed daily and reopened as soon as it is safe for personnel and beneficiaries.

As of November 3, 2020

The influenza vaccine for ages 3 years to 65 years, the majority of our population, is currently unavailable at the Stuttgart Army Health Clinic on Patch Barracks for those other than active duty personnel. When the vaccine for this age group arrives, a series of influenza vaccination drives will take place at Patch Barracks, Panzer Kaserne, Robinson Barracks, Kelley Barracks and SAAF. Our intent is to vaccinate the entire Stuttgart Military Community.

The Stuttgart Army Health Clinic on Patch Barracks currently does has the influenza vaccine available for ages 6 months to 36 months and 65 years and older. No appointment necessary. Walk-ins welcome Monday thru Friday with the exception of Third Thursday afternoons and Federal Holidays from 0800-1200 and 1300-1600.


The only way to update a telephone number is within the Tricare Online portal. Follow these steps to set up an International mobile number or US Mobile Carrier not listed to receive notifications from TRICARE Online (TOL).

– On the TOL Profile page, select ‘Other’ from the list of Mobile Carriers.

– Enter your mobile number in the email format provided on this page.

– Contact your mobile carrier if you have any further questions.

GERMANY:  Carrier Format to enter on TOL in Mobile Number textbox.


Mannesmann Mobilefunk:


The following German carriers require users to complete steps on their mobile phone prior to receiving text via email.

Carrier           Step 1: On    Step 2: On TOL your Phone  Profile

E-Plus             To: 7676245 Message: START

O2                   To: 6245       Message: +OPEN

T-Mobile       To: 8000       Message: OPEN

Vodafone      To: 3400       Message: OPEN

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Veterinary / Pets

All dogs and cats need to be registered at the USAG Stuttgart Veterinary Clinic, located on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2996. Hours of Operation: Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday; 0830-1600; (closed daily 1200-1300) Closed all Federal Holidays and the last business day of the month at 3 p.m.

Visit their Facebook page for most current updates!


Services offered by Appointment Only
Call: 0049 (0) 6371 94641888

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