Vehicle Registration: The 30 day grace period myth

Directorate of Emergency Services

The fabled grace period allowing a vehicle registration to lapse for any period of time while a vehicle is still operational is false. Personally owned vehicles within U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart must maintain a current registration at all times in order to legally be owned and operated. Temporary, Permanent, and Non-Operational Registrations that expire, automatically become unregistered and the vehicle may not be driven. ESSO Fuel Cards are also cancelled when a registration expires.

Customers can still renew a Permanent registration within 30 calendar days after the expiration date by completing all the renewal requirements with the late payment fee at the Vehicle Registration Office on Panzer Kaserne. However, by allowing a vehicle registration to expire, community members run the risk of having Military Police patrols confiscate the registration. There is no exception for Law Enforcement.  In order to continue to operate a vehicle after the permanent registration expires, the owner must turn in the permanent registration and obtain temporary registration.

The registration renewal process can be initiated 75 days prior to the registration expiration. 

After the renewal period lapses, the permanent registration is cancelled from the U.S. Army Europe Registry of Motor Vehicles, and customers must then begin the process for a brand new registration.

Temporary Registration cannot be extended or renewed.  Temporary Registration is only valid for 30 calendar days.  After the expiration date the temporary registration must be turned in and new temporary registration must be requested.  Temporary registration will not be issued more than twice for the same vehicle during a 90-day period.  POV owner’s chain of command must give the applicant written approval authorizing a third set of temporary registration.

Per Army in Europe Regulation 190-1 (Punitive Regulation), a mandatory 90 day suspension of the USAREUR Driver’s License for three or more offenses of owning or operating an unregistered or uninsured POV within a 5-year period is enforced.

Important Note: Personnel must contact or stop into the Vehicle Registration Office if they are unable to make it to their appointment time for any reason. Personnel can also cancel their appointment online by going to the online appointment site.  Once on the site select the appointment category, you will then be directed to the view schedules page.  In the upper right hand corner of the page, select “My Schedule”. You will then be provided with a listing of all scheduled appointments, click delete to cancel the appointment.  In January, more than 80 appointments scheduled were no-shows, taking away time from other customers that need appointments. Contact: +49 (0) 07031-15-2833 / 2883 / 2171 / 2495 / 3672.

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