New TRICARE Overseas contract more patient-centered

International SOS Assistance, the new TRICARE Overseas Program contractor, will bring comprehensive, patient-centered and customer-focused service to nearly half a million TRICARE beneficiaries overseas starting Sept. 1.

Under the new contract, non-active duty beneficiaries living overseas will still enjoy the same TRICARE Standard benefit — no enrollment fees and the freedom to choose a host nation provider without a referral — as well as new customer service features. Starting Sept. 1, Standard beneficiaries can contact a TOP regional call center to get assistance  with finding a provider in their area.

Call center representatives will also provide program and benefit information 24/7, and the TOP contractor will provide some claims assistance through TRICARE service centers, call centers and overseas claims processors.

As the new contract begins, Standard beneficiaries overseas should keep track of important information to make sure their health care needs are met and claims processes are trouble-free.

• Obtain a payment receipt and file for reimbursement as soon as possible. TRICARE claims must be filed within a year of the date of service.

• Beneficiaries should be aware that they are responsible for annual deductibles and cost-shares.

• Beneficiaries are also responsible for filling out and filing claims. Military treatment facilities and contract representatives cannot fill out, accept or process claims forms from beneficiaries or providers.

Some overseas MTFs currently allow beneficiaries who are normally TRICARE Standard to enroll to the facility on a space-available basis and receive primary care under TRICARE Plus. The new contract does not change TRICARE Plus, but its availability, as well as space-available care in MTFs, is determined by the commander, based on resources. Even when enrolled to an MTF under Plus, when getting care outside of the MTF, beneficiaries are still responsible for paying deductibles and cost shares, and filing claims.

For more information about the new TOP contract and to download a new overseas handbook, including new contact information, beneficiaries can go to