Mobile Training Team keeps Stuttgart Victim Advocates readily available

By Robyn Mack

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

U.S. Army Europe’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Mobile Training Team ensures availability of crisis response by providing training to Europe’s newest Victim Advocates.

Unit commanders from across Stuttgart work with the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, Luis Bispo, to identify personnel that have the traits necessary to serve in an advocacy role for this training.

“Candidates are first selected by their chain of command, and then go before an interview with the installation SARC. The SARC then informs the leadership if that person is optimal or not to become a Victim Advocate,” Bispo said. “There are many criteria the SARC looks for in individuals. However, personnel must be E-6, O-2, or GS-9 and above; must not be in a leadership position due to confidentiality; and must have 1 year retainability in their unit.”

Once prospective advocates are identified, the USAREUR two-man mobile training team provides lessons on emergency and follow-up support services so they can support victims of abuse.

The advocates learn skills in crisis response, information on reporting options, medical treatment, law enforcement, emergency services, and safety planning.

Bispo, who is also a Victim Advocate, said this training ensures Stuttgart has professional victim advocates to support their units and community 24/7.

“By providing an opportunity for organizations within the Stuttgart community to get the right people trained to be effective advocates, we move one step closer to the overall Department of Defense effort to eliminate sexual assault and harassment from the ranks,” noted Army Col. Glenn Dickenson, USAG Stuttgart commander.

The next SHARP/MTT will be held Feb. 1 to 11 on Patch Barracks.

SHARP advocacy services are available to service members and Department of Defense civilians, as well as their dependents 18 years of age who were victims of sexual assault perpetrated by someone other than a spouse or intimate partner.

People can access victim advocates by calling the Stuttgart Sexual Assault Response Coordinator main office at DSN: 431-3656/3327 or civ. 0703115-3656/3327, by calling the Stuttgart sexual assault hotline at DSN: 484-7280/ civ. 0631-413-7280, or via the DoD Safe Helpline at 1-877-995-5247 or via the web at:

For victims of sexual assault perpetrated by a spouse or intimate partner, contact the Stuttgart Health Clinic/Family Advocacy Program Social Work Services at DSN: 590-1615/1616 or civ. 06371-9464-1615/1616 during duty hours; the Military Police, after duty hours, at DSN: 430-5262/civ. 0711-680-5262 ; or 24/7 through the Report Domestic Violence at civ. 0176-262-48894.