Housing Q & A for PCS-Out Season

Q:  When should the housing office be informed of an anticipated departure?

A:  Outgoing personnel who reside on-post should inform the housing office as early as possible.  Preferably 60-90 days out.  For services members and Civilians who live off-post, in conjunction with receipt of PCS orders, a termination notification should be sent to the landlord via registered mail or signed by the landlord in person, NLT 90 days prior to departure.  In the event PCS orders are received with less than 90 days, most contracts have a 30 days clause which allows terminations to be submitted to landlords for less than 90 days.  Please check with the Housing Office to receive a termination packet immediately after receiving notification of anticipated departure.  Additionally, for personnel residing off-post please ensure out check appointments are scheduled with Pervin Estates as soon as termination notifications are received back from your landlords.

Q:  Are service members required to schedule pre-inspections for Government quarters?

A:  Pre-inspections are highly recommended, but not required.

Q:  What are the risk of not having a pre-inspection performed?

A:  In some cases it just makes the final inspection longer.  If the pre-inspection is performed the service member is advised of his/her responsibility to bring the quarters to an established standards.  Pre-inspections are also intended to inform service members of damages that need to be repaired or possible charges for damages.

Q:  If a service member places a service order to get damages repaired prior to the move-out inspection, does this relieve financial responsibility?

A:  Not necessarily.  This will depend on the nature of the damage.  For example; a service order is called in to repair a kitchen cabinet door hinge, this will be considered

Q:  How do I pay for damages to quarters caused by my Family?

A:  During your out-processing with the housing office, you may either pay with a money order or a DD form 139 will be provided to the service to take to finance.  After finance processes the DD form 139 a signed and stamped copy will be giving to the housing counselor, who in return will clear the Service Member.

Q:  Are household goods required to be picked up prior to the pre-inspection being performed?

A:  No, however, it’s highly recommended.  This will allow the inspector to get a good idea of the condition of the apt, which allows the housing office to better plan for required maintenance, and minimizes the downtime between occupancies.

Q:  How long can a service member keep government loaner furniture when departing?

A:  Service members are authorized to keep loaner furniture up to 60 days when departing.

Q:  Are service members required to turn-in loaner furniture prior to clearing quarters?

A:  That depends on whether the service member resides in on-post or off-post quarters.  If the service member resides in on-post quarters, there’s no requirement to turn-in furniture.  Typically, incoming Families will have the same requirement coming in.  However, if the service member is clearing off-post quarters, turning in loaner furniture is required, because there’s no guarantee that there will be a follow-on tenant or that the landlord desires to continue renting to the military.

Q:  How many days of TLA will be authorized when a service member clears housing?

A:  That depends on whether the service member resides in on-post or off-post quarters.  If the service member is clearing on-post quarters, typically only 3 days will be authorized.  The number of days may vary due to CPF and or Housing Office closure.  If the service member resides off-post, authorization be granted up to 10 days.

Q:  Why is there a difference in the number of days of TLA for someone who lives on-post verses someone who lives off-post?

A:  Service Members who reside on-post, are only required to perform minimum cleaning standards as outlined in DA PAM 420-1-1, when there is contract cleaning in place.  Service Members who reside off-post are in most cases required to bring the residences up to standard that allows the next Family to move in right away, as well as, requirements to properly clear utility companies and other off-post agencies.

Q:  Are family members allowed to stay in Government quarters after the service member depart the command.

A:  If family members require extended stays beyond the service member scheduled PCS date, ILS packet must be approved by the garrison commander prior to the service member’s departure.

Q:  What are the typical reasons why someone would be allowed to stay beyond the service member’s departure?

A:  The most common reasons are, service members are required to attend schools TDY en-route, completion of current school year, and family members awaiting visa/passports.

Additional reminder:  Don’t place unwanted personal property in empty storage rooms and common areas when terminating quarters. Contact the Installation Coordinator and dispose of items properly or bring reuseable/in good condition items to the Patch Thrift Shop on Patch Barracks.

Contact the Housing Office with questions.