Clinic offers specialized screenings, treatments consistent with U.S. care

The U.S. Army Health Clinic Stuttgart follows national performance standards on important dimensions of health care service that are delivered to service members and their families. These quality measures are called Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, or HEDIS, measures,  and they allow the clinic to compare the level of services provided with quality standards of care being used by health care organizations across the U.S.

Each year, USAHC Stuttgart is compared favorably with quality performances across important areas of health concerns. The clinic health care team is committed to providing customers with up-to-date wellness and condition management services on a daily basis.

Some of the HEDIS measures include:
• Cervical cancer screenings (ages 18-64). Screenings are needed annually until age 30, then every two to three years (if normal). Chlamydia screenings are needed annually for ages 16-24. Call 371-2622/civ. 0622-117-2622 for an appointment.

• Breast cancer screenings and mammograms (ages 40-69). They are recommended every one to two years after age 40. See a primary care provider for referral and breast exam.

• Colon cancer screenings (colonoscopy or fecal occult blood test for ages 50-80). Ask a provider or call the Population Health Nurse.

• Diabetic exams or lab work. Ask a provider or clinic nurse about appropriate lab work and/or appointments. Contact the Population Health Nurse to order lab work.

• Pneumococcal vaccinations (ages 65 and above) in immunizations section. Those under 65 years of age must have an order from their primary care provider. Call the Immunizations Section to schedule an appointment at 371-2622/civ. 0622-117-2622, or toll free at 00800-376-22273.

• Asthma screenings. Discuss with a provider.
Customers using any of the above services should bring results to TRICARE or the Population Health Nurse, if completed with a host provider.

For more information, call Frances Barlock, Population Health Nurse at USAHC Stuttgart, at 430-7069/civ. 0711-680-7069.