Claims Tip: File your notice of loss or damage within 75 days

7th Army JMTC Legal Office news release

Now that you’ve PCS-ed here and your household goods have likely arrived, you must provide notice of loss or damage to the moving company, also known as the Transportation Service Provider, or TSP, within 75 days of delivery.

If you miss the 75 day notice period, your payment may be reduced. Further, the process is not over after you have filed notice. You must still file the actual claim. While the deadline for filing the claim itself is nine months from the date of delivery (if filing with the carrier) or two years from the date of delivery (if filing with the Military Claims Office), the critical first step is to give notice within 75 days.

You can maximize your claim recovery option by giving notice in the following ways:

  1. File notice at the time of delivery. Note lost or damage goods on the form titled “Notice of Loss/Damage at Delivery,” also known as NOLD, at the time of delivery. This satisfies the 75-day notice requirement for those items.
  1. File notice of damage discovered after the date of delivery on You should provide notice on the Defense Personal Property System, or DPS. You can do this from the comfort of your home or office, or you can take advantage of the computer kiosks at the Office of the Staff Judge Advoate claims offices. When you use our kiosk, our claims professionals can talk you through the process of filing your notice or claim online and answer claims related questions.
  1. File notice of damage discovered after the date of delivery by fax, e-mail or mail. Loss or damage discovered after the movers have departed can also be noted on either DD Form 1840R/1851 “Notice of Loss or Damage After Delivery” and using the contact information listed on the delivery document.
  1. Within the first 70 days after delivery, go to your servicing Military Claims Office. Claims personnel can dispatch the notice to the TSP and help you file notice for your claim, or can assist you in filing your claim online. Our claims experts can confirm proper notice and help clear up any confusion.
  1. If you file your claim within 75-days of delivery, you do not have to file the NOLD, or give the TSP notice of the loss or damage at delivery or after delivery. Also you do not have to worry about the nine months deadline to file your claim.
  1. The 75-day notice period could be extended if you were deployed, on extended TDY or hospitalized during the 75 days after delivery. Requests for an extension must be approved by the Area Claims Office. However, it is best not to count on receiving an extension, and to make every effort to put the TSP on notice as soon as possible. Keep track of this 75-day notice period and avoid missing out when it comes to payment of your claim.

If you have claims questions or need assistance in providing notice or filing your claim, contact the USAG Stuttgart Law Center: