Noncompetitive Reinstatement
Have you previously worked for Army NAF and your resignation date was within the last 3 years? If you answered YES, you may be eligible for non-competitive reinstatement into the same or equivalent position in grade, or one with a lower rate of pay. This means you may not have to apply on USAjobs. USA Jobs
United States government’s one-stop clearinghouse for civil service job opportunities with federal agencies. All government job, regardless of location, are announced and selected through www.usajobs.gov. You can filter your search by entering “Europe” in the location which will pull up all jobs currently open in Europe. You can then further filter the choices.  Select “Stuttgart, Germany.” Select “Open to the public” as the hiring path (some jobs are only available based on special status) and you will see all available public jobs. You can create an account in USAJOBS and set up notifications of job openings as they are posted in case there is nothing currently available.

Army Civilian Service
Civilian employees provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations.

Search for federal jobs, create profiles, apply for opportunities, join talent communities.

Civilian Human Resources Agency Europe
Employment information and resources for:

  • Appropriated Fund (AF)
  • Non-Appropriated funds (NAF)
  • Local Nationals (LN)
  • Summer Hire (youth and teens)

Yes. The Employment Readiness Program (ERP) is a program that offers up-to-date resource information on available employment opportunities, market and job trends, education, and volunteer resources to help individuals make informed decisions when seeking employment. Services offered by the ERP include classes and seminars related to employment:

  • Career exploration
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Dressing for success
  • Networking
  • Individual career assessment and counseling

For more information, contact Army Community Service located on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915; Call +49 (0)9641-70-596-3362; Military DSN 314-596-3362; or email. https://www.armymwr.com/location-contact?location_form_location=68538

Source: https://stuttgart.armymwr.com/programs/army-community-service

Home Based Businesses (HBBs) are an important contributor to Army Family quality of life – new changes to procedures makes it easier and quicker gain approval to operate an on-post HBB. HBBs allow Families to work from their Army quarters, developing rewarding careers that follow them through PCS moves. The wide span of HBBs operated by Army Families includes:

  • Car repair/service
  • Hairdressing and hairstyling
  • Home baking and meal preparation
  • Pet grooming and pet sitting
  • Massage therapy
  • Retail sales from home

Home Based Business approval is quick and easy!

The Army’s new standardized HBB application template streamlines the approval process.  Of course, installations are still required to adhere to local and state laws and regulations regarding home business operations, so check into those, too.

Here’s the process:   

Step 1: Obtain the HBB Application.  Visit your Family and MWR representative or go online to download your HBB application and any required additional forms.

Step 2:  Complete the Application.  This includes visiting and obtaining approval from installation agencies like the housing office and community housing manager. The application should identify the agencies, but ask your Family and MWR representative if you have questions. If you need any additional documentation (like licensing or certifications), get that, too.

Step 3: Turn in the Application: Once you’ve completed your paperwork, submit the application to your Family and MWR representative. Keep a copy of the completed application for your own records.

Within 60 days, you should get notification of approval. Simple!

USAG Stuttgart Home-Based Business Application Packet

Commercial Solicitation-HBB General Legal Guidance

HBB Informational Briefing

Personal Commercial Solicitation Evaluation

Application for US Forces Europe Commercial Activity Authorization

HBB Form AE 210-70A

View list of Home Based Business

Source: https://stuttgart.armymwr.com/programs/home-based-business

Contact that Group Fitness Coordinator at Panzer Fitness Center. +49 (0)9641-70-596-2724

Source: https://stuttgart.armymwr.com/programs/sports-fitness-centers


There are many opportunities to help the garrison community during COVID.

Shopping Volunteers | Commissary Concierge Program explained

The community seeks Commissary shoppers for high-risk customers. The volunteer shops and then delivers the items curbside to the customer. Help is needed on Patch, Panzer, Kelley, and Robinson. Volunteers must be aged 18 or older and a U.S. Citizen ID card holder (dependents of US citizens with ID cards may also volunteer). If you would like to volunteer, please contact the ACS Volunteer Coordinator for specific times and requirements.

Medical Volunteers via the American Red Cross

The Stuttgart Army Medical Clinic (on Patch Barracks) seeks qualified medical volunteers. Those interested should contact the American Red Cross Stuttgart Station. Information on volunteering with the American Red Cross in Stuttgart can be found here. If you are a qualified medical professional and want to inquire about how to volunteer in Stuttgart, please send us an email.

Personal Assistance Volunteers

Opportunities to assist community members affected by isolation or quarantine orders. Opportunities to help high risk community members with:

  • shopping / errands
  • Video/telephone calls to keep someone company.

If you would like to volunteer to help your community, please send us an Email.

After registering with the Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS), volunteers can search through more than 400 positions available and apply for those that interest them. After applying, the organization’s point of contact will contact the volunteer and proceed with the application process, and discuss expectations between the volunteer and organization.

Some of the garrison organizations looking for volunteers are: Central Processing; Directorate of Emergency Services; Outdoor Recreation; Child and Youth Services; and the Religious Support Office.

Private organizations looking for volunteers include the USO, American Red Cross, Stuttgart Community Spouses’ Club, the Thrift Shop on Patch Barracks, and Harold Washington Military Lodge #128.

Source: https://www.stuttgartcitizen.com/news/volunteering-for-the-army-community-is-a-rewarding-experience/

Access the VMIS website to register as a volunteer through the www.myarmyonesource.com website.

(Note: Steps 2-5 are for new users)

  1. Click on “Register”in upper right corner.
  2. Click on the yellow “JOIN NOW” button.
  3. Complete registration(ensure military installation affiliation is Fort Sill) Click “Continue.”
  4. Click “Register.”
  5. Click on “Volunteer Tools”in the upper right corner.
  6. Select Oklahoma on the map.
  7. Click on “Fort Sill.”
  8. Community will read “Fort Sill” if not, scroll down and enter “Fort Sill.”
  9. Click on “Organization Group” scroll down and enter an appropriate category.
  10. Click on “Organization”scroll down and enter unit, organization, etc.
  11. Click on “Search” in yellow box.
  12. Click on job position of interest.
  13. Click on “Apply” in yellow box.
  14. When the next page loads,click on “Submit” in yellow box.

**If you haven’t filled out the boxes marked with an asterisk * the submit button will not turn gray.

Source: https://stuttgart.armymwr.com/application/files/2014/9335/6255/VMIS_General_Guide.pdf

Hours must be submitted by the 10th of the month to ensure certification by the 15th of the month.

  1. Login at www.myarmyonesource.com with username and password.
  2. Click on “VolunteerTools” in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Click on “Volunteer Activity”tab (third from left).
  4. Click “Hours”on right side.(blue font)
  5. Click appropriate yellow box -AddFor Day(1 day) –Add for Open Dates (recent) –Add for Period (up to 3 yrs. ago –can only be certified by AVCC)
  6. Click “Calendar” in yellow box.
  7. Enter date(s).
  8. In “Hours” box, enter number of hours. (enter partial hours as a decimal fraction (ex. volunteered 5 hrs.and 15 mins.is 5.25, 5 hrs. and 45 mins. is 5.75)
  9. Click on “Save and Return” in yellow box.

Date, hours and status will populate. Status remains “submitted” until hours are certified by VMIS Organization POC.

Source: https://stuttgart.armymwr.com/application/files/2014/9335/6255/VMIS_General_Guide.pdf

How it works

If an individual or family cannot shop for themselves at the Commissary due to COVID-19 conditions (such as quarantine or high risk status), they can request a volunteer shopper. The shopper can shop for them and deliver items to their hotel room (on or off-post) if in quarantine, or to their car at the Commissaries. Payment is made by phone to a Commissary cashier using a credit card.

Click here to see instructions on using the program.