Stuttgart Veterinary Treatment Facility adds a “no-show” policy

In an effort to maximize the time that the veterinarians and technicians spend with your pets and minimize your wait time, we have made the following changes to our No-Show and Late Arrival Polices.

Effective Sept. 1 , we will implement a “no-show” policy which will affect all patients who do not keep their scheduled appointments or who fail to cancel their schedule appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

No Show Policy:

First Occurrence- Owner/Patient will receive a letter advising of our policy.

Second Occurrence- Owner/Patient will receive a second notification, first-line supervisor will be contacted, and future appointments will be scheduled with the NCOIC at his/her discretion.

Third and Subsequent Occurrences- Will result in a 12 month suspension from Veterinary Services including over-the-counter sales.

Late Arrival Policy:

Patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment will be rescheduled for another day. Three late arrivals will result in one no-show.