Stay Safe: Important message from USAREUR

As the holiday period in Europe ends, we must remain aware and recognize the need to maintain heightened vigilance. Individuals and small groups directed or inspired by terrorist leaders continue to threaten Western Europe and North America.   Terrorists pose a threat to urban centers, large events and transportation hubs, including airports and train stations. Law enforcement authorities in our host nations have been taking measures to preempt these threats as we have recently seen at train stations in Munich, Germany.

Due to the potential consequences of terrorist attacks, it is important to disseminate vigilance messages as widely as possible and as often as necessary. Until threats subside, United States Army Europe – USAREUR will continue to notify personnel via social media and the AtHoc Life and Safety System. It is equally important to take the time to discuss the security environment with unit personnel and their family members to ensure they are aware and actively practice individual protective measures.


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