Road construction at Panzer Kaserne moves to next phase

Story by
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

The construction on Panzerstrasse, the road that runs next to Panzer Kaserne, will be moving into a new phase from next Monday, September 20, through October 30. This is going to affect traffic flow in and out of the garrison.

From Monday through the end of October, ALL inbound traffic to Panzer (excluding school buses) will enter through the main gate (ACP) and ALL outbound traffic will exit through the commissary gate. When leaving the garrison through the back gate, all outbound traffic will still have to make a left onto Panzerstrasse. There is still no right turn toward Schönaich due to ongoing host nation construction work on Panzerstrasse.

To ensure the safety of Commissary patrons, parking enforcement will be introduced on the road that leads to the back gate. Currently cars park along the road when the assigned spaces are full to access the commissary, for safety this will no longer be possible and will be enforced by MP patrols.

Following completion of this phase, another new phase will start November 1 and last until December 18, which will impact the road between Panzer Housing and the main gate.

Panzerstrasse will be open both ways, but Herdweg will be closed underneath the pedestrian bridge. To alleviate some of the traffic, the Panzer Housing back gate will be opened from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The final phase will then begin after winter in March and last until June. Stay connected with the garrison on social media or the Stuttgart Citizen to stay informed of the planned changes.