Reminder Nov. 1 is Germany’s ‘All Saints’ Day’

Reminder: Nov. 1 is a German Federal Holiday

This means:

  • Expect some services on the garrison to have limited operations particularly for walk ins, as many are staffed my local nationals who will be receiving the day off.
    • Please contact the service you plan on using if you have any questions about availability.
  • Prepare for extra traffic leaving Stuttgart this Friday and extra traffic returning to Stuttgart on Monday.
  • Assume that most places that are traditionally closed on Sunday, will also be closed Nov. 1.
    • Most restaurants and museums will be open

Fun Fact: Halloween derives its name from ‘All Saint’s Day’ alternative name ‘All Hallows’ Day’ . The Mexican holiday ‘Dia de los Muertos’ ( Day of the Dead) is also commonly associated with ‘All Saints Day.’