RBEMS student selected for All-American Bowl

Kingston Davis has big dreams, a big frame for his age, and now because of his hard work and dedication, a big stage to show off his talent.

The talent is football, and the stage is the Alamodome in San Antonio.
Kingston, 14, an all-purpose player for the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Child Youth and School Services’ Cowboys, was chosen as the first Europe-based player to play in the Eastbay Youth All-American Bowl set for Jan. 8.

According to Leroy Davis, Kingston’s dad, his son was selected thanks to the efforts of James McKee and Angel Dore of Back2Basics, an organization that runs basketball camps for CYSS athletes in Europe. They noticed Kingston’s raw talent during a basketball camp and were instrumental in assisting Davis with the nomination process.

“I’ve told him for as long as I can remember … you’re always being watched,” Davis said. “This is his opportunity to show how hard he’s worked.”
The Youth Bowl, modeled After U.S. Army All-American Bowl, consists of an under-15 USA-Canada Youth Bowl and three East versus West all-star games, one for the top 40 seventh-graders with a 175-pound limit, one for the top 40 eighth-graders with a 185-pound limit and a third game featuring the top 40 eighth-graders with no weight limit.

Kingston will play as a linebacker for the eighth-grade 185-pound East team.
The CYSS weight limit is 180 pounds. Before Kingston could even play in the league, he had to lose 14 pounds to be eligible. Because of his love for the game, father and son hit the gym, and Kingston adjusted his diet to be able to play.  
“He’s very disciplined to be able to do that as a teenager,” said the elder Davis.
“I know it would’ve been tough for me.”

The hard work paid off, and Kingston became the cornerstone of the Cowboys’ offense, scoring 45 touchdowns over two undefeated seasons, averaging two to three per game. While he was dominant on offense as a halfback, he also played on the defensive side as a linebacker, and as the team’s kick and punt returner.  
“I know how to play most positions on the field, and that helps me prepare for the future,” said Kingston, who will be playing the linebacker position at the game in San Antonio.

Kingston’s preparing for the future in other ways, too. He currently holds a 3.4 grade point average that he looks to improve upon as he plans to start classes at Patch High School next year. He hopes to share his experiences from the bowl game with his new teammates.

It feels good to be the first overseas player to get invited to the game,
so I want to play hard to open up opportunities for other kids
in Germany to go.

Kingston Davis, 14

2012 Youth All-American Bowl player

“This game is on the next level.” Kingston said. “It’s some of the best talent from all over, so it’s better competition.  It’s going to help me prepare.”
Kingston knows being chosen as the first Europe-based player comes with a lot of responsibility.

“It feels good to be the first overseas player to get invited to the game, so I want to play hard to open up opportunities for other kids in Germany to go.” Kingston said. “My goal is to be the defensive MVP.”

Kingston will head to San Antonio shortly after New Years Day to meet with his East teammates and practice for the game on Jan. 8. He and his parents will be joined by his sister who will be attending tech school at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.