Kiss & Ride – or be ticketed by MPs

Stuttgart High School and Stuttgart Elementary School

If you’re one of the drivers dropping off passengers at either Stuttgart Elementary or High schools, the administrations wish to strongly remind you that the bus lanes directly in front of the schools are for buses and emergency vehicles only.

The barrier arms are raised for the buses, not for privately owned vehicles. No vehicles without advance coordination with the schools are authorized behind the barriers at any time.  Motorists are reminded to follow the regulations for student drop-off/pick-up at the “Kiss & Ride” along the fence. For safety reasons, do not double park or get out of your vehicle leaving it parked and unattended.

Also, the back area of the schools where the sports fields are located is not a drop off point. Parking is also not allowed anywhere except the main marking lot area. This area is for emergency vehicles, deliveries, and trash pickup only.

The schools will monitor the bus lanes and the back of the school for compliance and report violations to the Provost Marshal. The Military Police are authorized to ticket all vehicles in these areas.

Additionally, drivers are advised to mind their speed within the parking lot – children’s lives are at stake.

Suggested: The parking lot at the bowling center across the street from the school, the Panzer Hotel or main Exchange may be alternate meeting points for students to walk to meet parents picking them up, or parking areas for parents to walk from to collect their children. There are sidewalks to safely walk on-post to and from designated meeting points.