Kelley construction continues

UPDATE, Nov. 6, 2019: DPW’s Engineering Division advises there will be construction beginning this Friday and continuing through Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 8–11, that includes a road closure of Maple Street near Bldgs. 3312 and 3313.

All parking spaces in front of Bldg. 3315 will be blocked, as well as some parking near Bldg. 3313. There will be two-way traffic in front of Bldg. 3315 during the construction .

Work is expected to be done by the afternoon of Nov. 11.


UPDATE, Sept. 24, 2019: The garrison Directorate of Emergency Services advises that work on the automated pedestrian gates is coming to a conclusion and that it will likely have some impacts on the AFRICOM workforce. The enhanced security pedestrian gates, or ESPGs for short, are fully automated systems that allow one common access card holder at a time to enter an installation.

Sep 27: ESPG’s delivered (one at the former main gate near the Kelley Club and one at the Kelley back gate). Installation for the ESPG near the Kelley Club will begin same day and take about a week to install. DES expects negligible impacts for the outbound turnstile as equipment moves across the sidewalk.

Oct 7: Removal/installation of the ESPG at Kelley back gate. This construction is expected to take about a week; the workforce won’t be able to use the Kelley back gate ESPG to access the installation.

The ESPGs should be immediately available for use by the community once installed, configured, and tested.


UPDATE, Sept. 19, 2019: The Directorate of Public Works advises drivers on Kelley Barracks that work is scheduled to be done on Maple Strasse, at the barrier behind Bldg. 3310, Oct. 14.

The street will be closed at that point, making Maple a two-way, dead-end for the day. On Oct. 14, no vehicles may drive over the barrier. The work is anticipated to take only one day and Maple to reopen by 7 a.m., Oct. 15.


UPDATE, Aug. 19, 2019: The garrison Directorate of Public Works advises that Maple Strasse near Bldg. 3312/3313 will be closed, and the parking in front of Bldg. 3315 and road will be two-way traffic during the construction, Sept. 11–13. The following  parking spaces will be blocked: all parking spaces in front of Bldg. 3315; Bldg. 3314, parking spaces 6 through 14;  Bldg. 3313, parking spaces 7 and 8; Law Center/courtroom, five customer parking spaces.


UPDATE, July 23, 2019: There will be parking places blocked and construction on at the entrance to the Kelley Hotel. Four spaces across from the Kelley Club will be blocked by the contractor, July 23-Aug. 2.

Fifteen additional spaces between Bldg. 3313 and Bldg. 3381, the service road behind the APO, CMR and Stuttgart Law Center, will also be blocked.

Watch for the detour signs for pedestrians and for vehicles to Kelley parking lot and Vesta Strasse.

Thank you for your understanding and please share this information.


There are ongoing partial road closures Kelley Barracks’  Spruce and Maple streets by Bldg. 3300.  The work began June 17;  the construction area is barricaded and sign posted.