Going Green: mastering recycling and trash disposal

recycleUSAG Stuttgart Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division

Germany is one of the European Union’s top recyclers. While Germans may have the concept down, the subject of recycling can be a daunting issue for any newcomer to the country.

There are trash and recycling bins available no matter where you live. On post they are found at recycling islands located across the installations. The bins are labeled for the different waste streams: plastics, paper, trash, glass, etc.

On the German economy, renters will get the bins from their landlords. For items that are not picked up at the doorstep, renters must use the public recycling yards in their communities.

The most common containers are for residual waste, paper, bio-waste and yellow bags/containers for plastic packaging material. However, each community’s system is different. For example, residents of the county of Böblingen must dispose of their plastics at the recycling yards.

Either way, proper trash segregation is important, and saves resources and taxpayers’ money.

It is essential that we separate the different waste streams, especially on post. Mixed waste, such as residual waste in a paper container, will be disposed of as regular trash. U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart is charged a higher disposal fee because residual waste (regular trash) is more expensive than paper waste.

For more information about recycling in Germany, visit here or call the Environmental Division at 421-6134 or 0711-722-86134.

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