Update 2: Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! today and tomorrow

Update 3, July 20

As of 4 p.m. today, USAG Stuttgart elevated its security posture from Force Protection “Bravo” Condition to FPCON “Charlie” as part of the annual Stallion Shake force protection exercise. Barriers have been placed around high visibility buildings on Kelley Barracks with limited access. These barriers will remain in place until the conclusion of the exercise on July 21.

Various roads on the garrison installations will be blocked off for security and safety. If your vehicle is inadvertently blocked due to the exercise and you cannot exit, please call the Military Police Desk at 431-3095 or 07031-15-3102/3095.

The following streets within the garrison  now have barricades in place:

*Robinson Barracks: Bldg. 150 and 151 (Child Development Center and Robinson Fitness Center, fully blocked). The duty bus won’t stop at Bldg. 151.

*Patch Barracks: The office areas within New York, Montana and Illinois Streets are blocked. On Montana Strasse, the barricades reach up to but do not impede access to the housing area. Overflow parking on Montana may be affected. The duty bus pickup points on Patch are not affected.

*Kelley Barracks: Barricades have been placed on Maple Strasse; Bldg. 3307 parking lot; Kelley Hotel and Kelley Club parking lots; Bldg. 3350 adjacent parking lot; Bldg. 3317 large parking lot; Ash Strasse Bldg. 3319 to the Pine Strasse intersection, Ash side; Maple to Pine, from Bldg. 3312 to 3315; the area behind Bldg. 3318 just beyond the entrance to the Directorate of Public Works yard; and a barrier to Vestra Strasse.

The duty bus for Kelley can still be picked up at Spruce and Oak Strasse.

Check the garrison Facebook events page for exercise and real world updates.

Update 2, July 20
Stallion Shake will close the Panzer Fitness Center tomorrow (Saturday, July 21) , from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Unmanned access should be operational no later than 8 p.m.

Update 1, July 19
The Kelley Club and the Panzer Fitness Center will be closed, Saturday, July 21, as both facilities will be used in conjunction with Stallion Shake 2018. Plan on having two forms of ID when entering any of the garrison’s five installations and expect possible gate closures and delays, especially on Kelley Barracks and Panzer Kaserne. The exercise begins early tomorrow, July 20.

Original message, July 18
USAG Stuttgart will conduct its annual Stallion Shake force protection exercise, July 20-21. The exercise is intended to evaluate the garrison’s service support emergency response of German and American first responders in the event of an actual emergency. Community members should not be alarmed by the increased presence of emergency vehicles throughout the garrison footprint during this time. While much of the action will take place on Kelley Barracks, entry/exit into installations across the garrison may be intermittently delayed or interrupted during this time.