DoD announces updated face covering policy

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

The Department of Defense has announced an updated mask policy. This will affect anyone working on, living on, or visiting USAG Stuttgart installations.

An update to our local face coverings policy will be issued in full shortly – but here is what you need to know now:

  • Exercise in fitness centers without a mask/cloth face covering is no longer allowed.
  • Acceptable face coverings include cloth masks as well as surgical-type masks required for use in certain off-post areas
  • Face shields are not an authorized substitute (as previously offered for use) in our fitness centers.
  • Masks must fit properly – snugly around nose and chin – with no large gaps around the sides of the face.
  • Masks must now be continuously worn on military installations, to include any common areas or shared workspaces and in outdoor shared spaces.

Exceptions to the policy include:

  • When an individual is alone in an office with floor-to-ceiling walls with a closed door
  • Brief periods of time when eating and drinking (while maintaining distancing)
  • To allow for identification for security purposes
  • To accommodate those with a medical condition that limits the wearing of masks