Club gives PHS students a taste of medicine

Biology Club
Professor Stefan Kessler of the Orthopedic Clinic Sindelfingen discusses the management of chronic sporting injuries during a lecture at Patch High School Nov. 20. Photo by Gunner Saunders.

By Lexi Pache
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Professor Stefan Kessler of the Orthopedic Clinic Sindelfingen conducted a lecture at Patch High School Nov. 20 about the management of chronic sporting injuries to PHS Biology Club students and athletes.

Stephanie Payne, a science instructor at PHS and the Biology club’s sponsor, invited Kessler to speak after he performed knee surgery on her husband.

“He’s very professional and good at what he does,” Payne said.

During the lecture, Kessler exposed in-depth reasons for an injury, the symptoms and treatments for specific injuries to the knee, hip, shoulder and foot.

“Being an avid runner and soccer player, I benefited from what Dr. Kessler had to say about running and sports, and proper care taking of our knees and legs,” said PHS sportsman Shane Reagan.

Kessler studied medical surgery in England and attended the University of Ulm in Germany, allowing him to contrast British and German methods such as the differences in procedure and materials used for artificial hips.

“It was really interesting to learn about the different kinds of German techniques they use and the differences between technology,” said PHS student Elizabeth Stack.

Kessler also provided many diagrams and photos, X-rays, and videos of the surgeries, most of which he performed.

To continue the development of students’ comprehension of the medical field through practical application, some PHS students attended a field trip to the Landstuhl Medic

al Center Nov. 26 where they got the rare opportunity to study cells infected with malaria and cancer. This spring, Biology Club members also plan a reciprocal visit to the Orthopedic Clinic Sindelfingen.

Editor’s Note: Lexi Pache and Gunner Saunders are Patch High School student interns working in the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office.

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