Blood types O and A priority at mission essential blood drive

Blood drives are open to most U.S and NATO Military, Civilians, Retirees, Family Members and Local National staff with installation access, thanks to relaxed donor eligibility rules below. All the blood donated to the DoD’s Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) stays within the military for forward-deployed U.S and NATO military, as well as patients at U.S. military hospitals throughout the world.

What: Stuttgart Fall Blood Drive
When: Nov. 15-16: , 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: Kelley Fitness Center

Appointments are required, schedule yours at:

THANK YOU to everyone who has already scheduled appointments! GIVE blood, SAVE lives, GET FREE snacks and gifts! Sponsored by the American Red Cross and AFRICOM

spread the word that many more people are now able to give blood. The wait after tattoos and travel went down and there are no longer ANY restrictions for time spent in *most* European countries:

– 18 or older, weigh at least 116 pounds, free of cold/flu symptoms for three days.
– In the past 14 days, haven’t had COVID-19 symptoms, come into close and extended contact with someone who has.
– In the past 14 days, haven’t traveled somewhere that required you to quarantine.
– In the past 8 weeks, haven’t donated whole blood.
– In the past 3 months, haven’t had a tattoo overseas or in a U.S. state that does not regulate tattoo facilities.
– In the past 3 months, haven’t visited a malaria-risk country for more than 24 hours.
– Didn’t live in the UK 3 months or more 1980-1996.
– Didn’t live 5 years or more in France or Ireland 1980-2001

For questions, contact ASBP at DSN 590-5885 or 06371-9464-5885 or