Army Tuition Assistance applications now accepted through IgnitED

Information provided by USAG Stuttgart Education Center

Update regarding Tuition Assistance (TA) availability on Army IgnitED:

The Army’s new TA portal,, is starting to process TA requests! We are receiving and approving requests for both past classes (started in January to July 2021) and those starting in the future – e.g., starting in August or September.

To request TA via the new portal Soldiers first have to register/create a password at the site and then declare their Education Path (name of home school & degree program).
Pages 10-13 of the attachment shows how to set-up an Edu Path. After their school has confirmed the Soldier’s Edu Path details, Soldiers are able to start requesting TA in the portal.

*** If Soldiers have technical issues with their account and are eligible for TA funding, the current temporary blanket ETP for TA policy is still in place where the school submits a TA request on behalf of the Soldier to the Army. However, the blanket ETP TA request process won’t be around forever.

For additional questions, visit the Army Education Center in building 2915 on Panzer Kaserne, or call them at 09641-70-596-2684.

Tuition Assistance FAQs as of August 3, 2021