52nd Signal Battalion remembers Günter Steiner

Herr Guenter Steiner

Courtesy of the Dial Central Office (DCO) Technician for the 52nd Signal Battalion, Stuttgart Germany

Günter Steiner worked for the U.S. Army from Nov. 1, 1986 until his death on Dec. 2, 2017. He was 62 years old. His father, a farmer, raised Günter and his sister Gisela Steiner in Reutlingen, Germany. Steiner graduated with a diploma from the Berufsfachhochschule der Telekommunikation in Reutlingen and pursued a career as a Telephone Communications Specialist in Stuttgart, Germany.  Steiner’s 31 years of service to the Dial Central Office (DCO) led to numerous friendships throughout the battalion. He was known for his sense of humor that brought laughter to the work environment.