A message on National Medal of Honor Day

For National Medal of Honor Day on March 25, we honor the valor that the most courageous servicemen and servicewomen in the United States military have displayed.

USAG Stuttgart Garrison Chaplain (Colonel) Robert B. Allman III reflects on his own thoughts about the day.

“Friday, 25 March, is National Medal of Honor Day. A time set aside to reflect and appreciate the sacrifices and moral courage of some of our American heroes.” Allman said.

“I was sharing earlier this week, that while I’ve had the privilege to meet a few recipients of our Nation’s highest honor (both family members, on behalf of their service member and a few living service members who wear the medal today,) I’ve always been amazed at their humility.” Said Allman. “In fact this quality of a leader, humility, I think is best captured by one Navy recipient’s thoughts:”

“This Medal of Honor does not belong to me. This medal belongs to every man and woman who has ever served their country. We were doing what we were trained to do. We were doing our job.”
– Michael E. Thornton, US Navy SEAL, Lieutenant, Retired.