Why does it seem like there is different guidance for different people?

No two situations are the same, and changing conditions, understanding, and guidelines have helped fuel that confusion, especially as people compare their situations to friends, co-workers and neighbors.

The U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart is a joint service military community, home to two combatant commands and multiple subcommands. These organization may implement more restrictive policies than those of the Garrison. The Garrison will always be either in step or more restrictive than the Host Nation. School populations have special quarantine requirements. There is potential for extended quarantine requirements within households if family members are exposed at different times.

In an attempt to address these questions and confusion and align testing and isolation/quarantine and return to work/school guidance, the Stuttgart Army Health Clinic has developed a set of written guidelines and instructions which people will receive at the drive-thru testing facility.

Clinic guidelines are the result of collaboration between command surgeon cells, Stuttgart clinic, Garrison, our schools and child care facilities.

Stuttgart Army Medical Clinic (Patch) COVID-19 screening and clinical services

COVID-19 Guidelines for the Stuttgart Military Community, effective December 9, 2020