Who can use the Self Help facilities?

Self Help facilities are for On-Post Housing Residents and Building Coordinators

To inquire about available items, contact the Self Help Service Order Desk # 0711 729 6200

Self Help on Patch Barracks is in Building 2333

Hours of Operation: Mon-Wed-Fri 0900-1300 Tue-Thur. 1100-1300 and Sat 1000-1400
Phone # 0711 6868 9475

Self Help on Robinson Barracks in located in the Commissary Parking lot

Hours of Operation: Tue & Thur. 1000-1400

Available Items:

Painting items up to one bucket
Wire brushes
Light bulbs
Light covers
Bathroom/Shower supplies
Screws, nails, anchors, washers
Common hardware items
Kitchen exhaust hood filter
Recycling Bins
Faucet filters
Sponges for stove tops

Source: https://home.army.mil/stuttgart/index.php/my-garrison/all-services/HSO