Who can get tested for COVID at the Patch Clinic, and how?

The guidance is the same for all Army Medical Treatment Facilities here in Europe. Patients are screened in accordance with Department of Defense and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Initial entry screening will consist of a questionnaire to determine if you have symptoms related to COVID.

Testing is based on four priorities:
1) A person who exhibits symptoms that include, but are not limited to as temperature of 100° F or higher, night sweats or chills, persistent cough and shortness of breath
2) A person that has been identified by a tracer team as having been in close contact with a person that is COVID-19 positive
3) A person who is in an identified “high risk” work area as defined by having two or more COVID-19 positive cases within the same workspace or workgroup
4) Other people identified by the Senior Responsible Officer as being at risk.

These protocols will help your healthcare provider determine whether or not you need to be tested for COVID-19.
One important thing to remember is that our frontline healthcare providers don’t treat COVID-19. They treat its symptoms. So whether or not you have a positive test will not change the treatment you receive; it just allows us to track where and how the virus is spreading, and isolate people who have been infected. Our providers are taking all appropriate action to ensure the safety of our beneficiaries.

For more information visit the Regional Health Command Europe’s website https://rhce.amedd.army.mil/COVID19info.html

Source: https://www.europeafrica.army.mil/coronavirus/