Noncompetitive Reinstatement
Have you previously worked for Army NAF and your resignation date was within the last 3 years? If you answered YES, you may be eligible for non-competitive reinstatement into the same or equivalent position in grade, or one with a lower rate of pay. This means you may not have to apply on USAjobs. USA Jobs
United States government’s one-stop clearinghouse for civil service job opportunities with federal agencies. All government job, regardless of location, are announced and selected through You can filter your search by entering “Europe” in the location which will pull up all jobs currently open in Europe. You can then further filter the choices.  Select “Stuttgart, Germany.” Select “Open to the public” as the hiring path (some jobs are only available based on special status) and you will see all available public jobs. You can create an account in USAJOBS and set up notifications of job openings as they are posted in case there is nothing currently available.

Army Civilian Service
Civilian employees provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations.

Search for federal jobs, create profiles, apply for opportunities, join talent communities.

Civilian Human Resources Agency Europe
Employment information and resources for:

  • Appropriated Fund (AF)
  • Non-Appropriated funds (NAF)
  • Local Nationals (LN)
  • Summer Hire (youth and teens)
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