Outgoing personnel who reside on-post should inform the housing office as early as possible.  Preferably 60-90 days out.

For services members and Civilians who live off-post, in conjunction with receipt of PCS orders, a termination notification should be sent to the landlord via registered mail or signed by the landlord in person, NLT 90 days prior to departure.  In the event PCS orders are received with less than 90 days, most contracts have a 30 days clause which allows terminations to be submitted to landlords for less than 90 days. Ensure check-out appointments are scheduled with Pervin Estates as soon as the termination notification is received back from your landlord.

Please contact the Housing Services Office to receive a termination packet immediately after receiving notification of anticipated departure.

Housing Phone: +49 (0)9641-70-596-2230 or DSN: 596-2230
Email: usarmy.stuttgart.usag.list.dpw-housing-email@mail.mil
Pervin Estates Phone: +49 (0)9641-70-596-2318 or DSN: 314-596-2318
Email: usarmy.stuttgart.imcom-europe.mbx.dpw-hsg-off-post@mail.mil

Source: https://home.army.mil/stuttgart/index.php/my-garrison/all-services/HSO

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