Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is the allowance that offsets the higher costs of staying in a hotel and eating out daily for personnel PCSing. Families must be on concurrent travel status to Government or private rental quarters in order to be eligible for TLA. Families must be in a concurrent travel status to the address of a friend or relative are not entitled to TLA, however you may be eligible for meals while residing with friends or relatives.

In accordance with ALARACT 2020_029, upon arrival all Service Members and Families are directed to quarantine for the initial 14 days. For Army Personnel, the gaining unit will provide the Service Member with a Manual DD 1610. This entitlement is not paid in DTS, it is paid out of the Covid-19 LOA. For Air Force personnel, the gaining unit will either create a DD 1610 or AF Form 973 (Memo in-lieu of Permanent Change of Station Amendment). This Document will be turned into finance after the quarantine period is complete during in processing to facilitate reimbursement for lodging and meals.

The allowance is paid as per diem for the 14 days. The Navy and Marines have a similar process to pay per diem for the 14 day quarantine allowance. TLA will only be authorized after the 14 day quarantine period has been completed if the SM and dependents were ordered into quarantine and no further quarantine period is required.

For more information email the Housing Services Office: usarmy.stuttgart.usag.list.dpw-housing-email@mail.mil

Source: https://home.army.mil/stuttgart/index.php/my-garrison/all-services/HSO

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